Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Completion of BEDA and an Introduction.

Today marks the End of Blog Every Day April. I don't plan to quit blogging everyday as of now, but after today i am not obligated to do so. I have actually really enjoyed this last month, I really enjoyed chronicling each day while I was on Vacation. I did the majority of them on my way home at the end of the night while Laurie drove. I wanted to make sure it got done, and wanted to make sure I didn't take time away from her while I did it. 

   An interesting thing happened to me while I was at work today... A co-worker said he had something for me and that i was to follow him home after work... I was a little concerned but went along with it. Turns out his cat had kittens about two months ago and he wasn't able to give this last one away, Her name is Inara (which is from Middle-Eastern Mythology and means protector of Wild Animals) I named her this for two reasons... First, the name is very unique. I could not bare to saddle another feline with a name like Precious, or Princess ... Though I was tempted to name her Serenity... and second Inara is the name of a Character on a short lived T.V. series created by Joss Whedon titled Firefly, (It is a space western, freaking awesome!) Oh and their Ship's name??? is Serenity.... (as well as the name of the Movie that was made after the TV on DVD sales were insane and fans demanded more.) 

  Random Fact Inara is 10 weeks old

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A working Stiff

     Before I went on vacation I went to great pains to avoid doing anything that even vaguely resembled actual physical labor. For some reason unknown to me, I have spent the previous two days doing ridiculous amounts of physical labor, This morning I moved all of the furniture Departments freight by myself, the majority of  which weighs between one to two hundred pounds. It wasn't as though I was trying to prove how much of a Bad Ass I am. (Though Admittedly I am pretty bad ass...) I was just asked to help the group of ladies that were assigned the area and they voted me as Mule. Eh what can you do...
    I spent the majority of the remaining portion of the day running from one task to another. I need to figure out how I was slacking so efficiently before and put that darn plan back into action...  
   I need to make my Vlogtag video still tonight, but honestly I am just not sure how I am going to measure up to Molly's video from last Wednesday... I mean she read us a story and everything!!! Granted it was a story about how to Un-Gay someone, but it was a story non the less...  Maybe i'll do something awkward and inappropriate... stay tuned...

   Random Fact.... I have made 6,000 Twitter updates... in less than a year, and 309 actual blogposts in almost 3 and a half years. 

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Back to the Grind

AS I am sure all of you can relate, The first day back to work after a vacation of any length is always rough, mine was no exception. It began with having forgotten to close my drivers side window after arriving home last night, which led to my sitting in a very wet driver seat this morning. Rest assured the window is closed tonight. 
    I am extremely tired, work wasn't really bad so much as I just really would have rather been any where else, or more specifically any where closer to the amazing woman I spent the last week with.
   I am not sure when my next day off is as of right now, but trust me when I say, the countdown has begun. 

Random Fact: Youtube Haters are like soo lame... 

Monday, April 27, 2009

Day 6~ The Voyage Home

   Today was a hard one, I woke in my girlfriends bed, next to her, and I will in a few very short moments fall asleep in my own bed very alone. It was a pretty relaxed day we slept in as late as we could manage and then went for a light lunch at Arbys (we had each won a free sandwich at Friday nights IronPigs game.) After our sandwich we went to Rita's for dessert, a popular east coast Icee/custard stand, It was very good and very perfect for the warm day.
   With my bags already packed and in her trunk we headed to the airport and said our goodbyes.
My trip home was mostly uneventful barring a woman that collapsed in the doorway of the plane as I was getting off in Seattle. 
   My brother and his wife were waiting for me at the baggage claim area, and after what seemed like forever we collected my one checked baggage, and headed home. My car was not too amused at having been ignored for the passed week and stalled in the middle of the road on the way home. Luckily my brother and his wife were still in the area and after about an hour of fiddling with this part and that part we were able to get the vehicle running again... I hate that car.

   Random Fact: This is the last picture Laurie and I took together this morning.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 5: Philly Spread

Today was the last full day of my trip. We went up to Philladelphia
proper, and met a couple of Laurie's college buddies, one of whom is a
pastor at a church. We woke up a little early so that we could make it
to his sermon. He is an excellent speaker. I haven't been to church
since my last tour of the Sandbox, it was really nice.
After church we went to Pat's king cheese steak joint. Which is
apparently the place to have a cheesesteak in Philadelphia. It was a
really good sandwich for a reasonable price, and we sat next to a
couple of girls that were nice enough to share their table.
When we finished lunch we headed to the Zoo. Mind you at two
o'clock in Philly today it was 96* and rising. The animals were mostly
lethargic but incredibly adorable.
On our drive back to Allentown Laurie and I went over the highlights
of our week, it has been an awesome week and a much needed vacation.

Random Fact: The Philadelphia city Zoo was the first Zoo in America!
They are celebrating their. 150th anniversary this year.
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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Day Four: The Big Apple on foot!

Laurie and I took the commuter train into NYC today. With that
exclusion we walked all over the city. We saw the Empire State
building, the Statue of Liberty (granted it was from a far) we walked
up and down Broadway, fifth ave and what felt like every street and
avenue between the two.
I saw my first Broadway play on broadway. Laurie surprised me with
tickets to the show. Avenue Q was an amazing hilarious musical with a
not so subtle moral to the story. The basic idea is it might suck to
be you today but the future of change and opportunity are just around
the next bend.
Random Quote "The Internet is for PORN" Trekkie Monster ~ Avenue Q

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Friday, April 24, 2009

Day three/four: IronPigs Triumph

Yes I know I titled yesterdays post day three; turns out I fail at
life. I titled the evening I landed as Day Zero
But I keep thinking of it as an actual
Laurie had to work half a day today and like a good boyfriend I
slept till right before she got home.
When she finally did get home we went and walked around an outdoor
mall similar to the one in Kent, and while waiting for the game we saw
17 again. Which was a great movie.
The IronPigs are a triple A baseball team, they won tonights game
13-3 they had 7 runs in the third inning alone. It was a lot of fun. I
met two of laurie's friends at the game, Katie and Shayne they were
both a lot of fun, we had a late snack at Dennys with them after the
Tomorrow we are spending the entire day in New York City. I am so
excited I can't wait!!! Laurie even surprised me with tickets to the
Broadway show Avenue Q!!!! so exciting!!

Random Fact: The LeHigh IronPigs destroyed the Pawtuckett Red Soxx!!

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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Day Three: Exploring Nazareth

Today was more or less uneventfull. Laurie had to work till five so I
slept till half past 12. When I finally drug my lazy arse out of bed I
walked the two
Blocks to Laurie's bank and met her for lunch. After lunch i wandered
down main street listening to my music and enjoying the historic
Laurie and I had dinner with her mother and brother and are on our
way home.
I also met Laurie's cousin Alyssa, the person that introduced
Laurie to my videos on Youtube. Alyssa also started the
7awesomenerdfighters collab channel where I post videos on Mondays.
Random quote: "You have to be rich and smart to get into this
college." Laurie Cook
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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day One: meeting the family

This will have to be quick, if it has passed midnight when this posts
I maintain that I have until midnight pacific standard time to post
each BEDA this month. I met Ninnin today (laurie's grandmother on her
mother's side) as well as Grammy and pop-pop (her fathers parents.) I
played with Ninnins little ten year old dog the majority of my visit
there and if nothing else at the very least I made a friend with the
very spry pug/mix.
At Grammy and Pop-pops we had some interesting conversations.
Interesting due mostly to pop-pop being 81 years young, and at the
very least ninety percent deaf.. Grammy compliments him by being very
soft spoken and completely adorable...
Random fact: Grammy and Pop-pop will be married fifty-nine years on
December thirty first. The date according to pop-pop selected for tax
reasons... Wow
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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Pennsylvania day zero

So todays flight was more or less uneventful, checking in at SEA-TAC I
learned someone with same first and last name as me is on the TSA
National terrorism watchlist... That was aMusing in that not at all
kind of way. I slept the majority of the first flight and caught my
connecting flight with out hassle. Laurie and I had dinner and watched
Crank:High Voltage with Jason Statham. Which was a ridiculous movie
from start to finish.
We are currently enroute to
Meet laurie's mother and brother...
Random fact: I am not an effing terrorist...
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Monday, April 20, 2009

Vacation Countdown

AS it stands I will be on a plane leaving for Pennsylvania in nine hours and thirty two minutes. I can not wait... I am excited to spend time with Laurie, I am excited to not have to work for a week and I am excited situations like the following will be mostly avoided.

   So the other day a co-worker told me he was having a lot of problems and if he didn't check himself into Alcohol rehab he was going to be checked in. My first response to break the obvious solemn tone, was... "Damn man, that sucks... you want to grab a beer after work and talk about things?"  Was I ever a good person... its time for bed, I should end this. 
   This next weeks blogs will mostly all be posted via Iphone, so they will probably not be the most in depth unless I have a ridiculous amount of time... i hope you all have a great week!!! 

Random Fact: I'm bringing my passport, but i am not leaving the country... 

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Quick Change Artist

Home from work later than I wanted to be going to have dinner with my little bro ad his wife.... more tomorrow...

Random Fact.... Blue is a primary color

Saturday, April 18, 2009

This Post serves only one purpose.

Holy bejesus!!! 

BEDA 18!!! 

I want to go on Vacation NOW!!!!! 
     Today was a long day but not as bad as it could have been. I have been working this whole week, with just my vacation as my goal. I am talking to Laurie on the phone as I type this, which is why this may not seem to flow as smooth as normal. 

   Random Fact: Pizza isn't always round... 

Friday, April 17, 2009

Loves Labor Lost

Wow, look at me, stealing blog titles from Shakespeare... Today while i was working I helped a mother of two young children, it took very little time and even less effort and yet she was so happy, She even wrote a nice letter to my boss thanking me for helping her, there really aren't enough moments like that in a day. 
     After work I got a hair cut, from the same woman that has been cutting my hair for over a year now, as it turns out I am still just as awkward and uncomfortable around her as I have been since day one. She is very well endowed and I swear she like shoves her chest into me on a constant basis. I would stop having my hair cut by her, but I figure what the heck, she is only a little creepy. 
   After my hair cut, I grabbed a chilled beverage at Starbucks, read for about half an hour and then helped a coworker move an entertainment center.. Damn if i don't qualify for at least a good samaritan award.... Three days and counting... 

    Random Fact: Spider-man (Peter Parker) lives in a suburb of Queens known as Forrest Hills. 

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meth-heads to my madness

While I was at lunch this evening I decided to run a couple of
errands, in hopes that I would then have less to worry about tomorrow
and this coming weekend. While paying my insurance at a local check
cashing place I was standing next to a very nervous looking young man,
he was shaky, fidgety and very obviously was in dire need of at the
very least a very long very soapy tour of the local car wash strapped
to the bed of his '87 ranger that was parked, stereo blasting in front
of the establishment. Apparently the gentleman/meth-head didn't have
his I.D. on him and had managed to answer all but one of the
identifier questions incorrectly and was unable to cash his check. He
walked out in a huff and returned moments later with a large female
friend that looked like she too would benefit from a similar tour
through a car wash or two. They continued to argue with the teller and
eventually left together in an odious cloud of defeat. Who would have
thought the lunch hour could be so entertaining?
Random Fact: i Sent this blog from my iPhone

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The little things

      You know how some days, it is all the little things that make life such a wonderful and fulfilling part of your life? Today was one of those days. I hate my job. It isn't a secret, in fact if you have read more then the first sentence of this blog, you know it is a frequent topic of discussion. Don't get me wrong it's retail, you are expected to hate it. You would have to be some kind of masochistic freak to enjoy being belittled by people who think and behave as though they are better than you because they don't have to lower their standards to work in such a less than fulfilling place.  One of my secret joys in life is running into the exceptionally rude customers in places like Burger King when they ask if I would like fries with that... it is the little things...

   Amount of time till I'm sitting on a plane headed towards Pennsylvania and Laurie?                             ... 5 days 10 hours and 35 minutes
         Not that I am counting.... 

    Random Question.... What is the most awkward thing you have ever had in your carry on baggage? 

Is it me or is this picture begging for an OJ Simpson joke? 

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Too Much Idle time...

I have gone through like epic amounts of TV on DVD lately... it makes me happy... 

Random Observation.... This is what happens when i have idle time... Thank the heavens for NetFLix and a 40 Hour a week Job. 

Monday, April 13, 2009

Defending my Sexual preference

         This is one of those blogs that I am going to write with little to no actual thought. I am a heterosexual male. I am one of those rare heterosexual males that rarely cares what others think about me. I like chick flicks, I have a completely heterosexual man-crush on Scott Backula. Which is perfectly normal. I have a girlfriend. (To whom i also have to defend my sexual preference. She worries.) 
      Saturday night i ended up at a gay bar in downtown Kent by the name of Vibe with my brother and his wife, we were there for maybe the sum total of 45 minutes. I was the DD and it was the last place open still serving drinks. This was not a calm cool collected type of gay bar. This was your stereotypical  gay bar. Complete with lesbian bouncers, Ridiculously masculine  Drag queens, nearly naked male go-go dancers, Explicit gay porn on different monitors in multiple places scattered through out the bar and with awkward man sex in the male restroom that I entered. I say awkward because I entered the bathroom and had un-zipped before my ears registered the sound as what it was. 

    All in all it was a fun night, prior to the Vibe, we had gone bowling and spent an hour or so at a local restaurant bar before they closed. My brother and his wife had fun. (my brother was hit on by every male in the bar excluding myself.) My brothers wife had the rare joy of dancing in a bar without fifty nasty men trying to grope you. Ironically, I think if my brother would have danced he would have had quite the opposite experience. Instead he got a few free drinks out of the deal.. not bad. I however was completely unabashedly ignored. I'm not complaining I just found it amusing. 

   On a fun side note the lesbian bouncer recognized me at work yesterday. When I had first entered the bar the partial contents of my wallet had fallen out and she was nice enough to find me and hand them back. I wanted to make a joke to the bouncer, but nothing witty jumped to mind. 
    I spent the majority of my day off hiding in my room, willing this next week to go by faster, I am eagerly awaiting my much needed vacation with my girlfriend. 

    Random Fun Fact... Scott Backula is on CHUCK!!!! 

Sunday, April 12, 2009

A Doctor Who Easter???

So a new episode of Doctor Who is on the interwebs... and I need to find it... After this episode there are only three David Tennant episodes left. This is sad indeed. Last night I hung out with my brother and his wife. There was much drinking involved, I was a designated driver.  There were some funny moments... But for the most part I assume they are best left as secret adventures to be remembered in fictional stories I hope to one day write...

Random Fact... Monday Is my weekend... Huzzah!!! 

EDIT: This egg was decorated by one of my friends... It is about a song on youtube that has a ridiculously catchy tune... 

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Holy Crazy Days

So today was a hectic crazy day, I finally dropped my vacation bomb on my boss... I was like, "So uh... I'm going to Pennsylvania... like uh... in 9 days... " He was less than pleased... This is how much I care... "Zero!" I haven't had a vacation in over two years... I am in desperate need of one. 

       I found out yesterday that my mother now googles my screen name (AslanEnlisted) I don't know if this is weird because my mother and computers aren't on the friendliest of terms, or because some of the places my screen name turns up are just awkward. Due mostly to the random people that signed me up on Xtube as a homosexual video enthusiast... Thank you all so very much... le sigh.  The people I call friends... LOL! 

   Wahoo one more work day and then weekend... Woot!! Woot

Random Quote: "I don't like my penis why would I play with someone elses?"
                               said by AJ James Brooks... pretty much when ever anyone accuses me of being gay... It has become my staple response... 

Friday, April 10, 2009


 I just awoke from a much needed nap, my question is why is it when i take a nap I am not able to sleep later that night. (granted said nap was six and a half hours... whoops) "I mean other people take naps all the damn time right? It is going to be a rough night... Hooray for T.V on DVD...  It really does make the world a better place... 

Random Fact... My first Vacation in over two years starts in 10 days woot woot!!! 

Thursday, April 09, 2009

so wait BEDA is every day of April?

I worked all damn day, i'm tired... Darn you BEDA making me write every day. this will be better tomorrow I hope... sorry I am so lamesauce....

Random Fact Hayley G Hoover is awesome. 

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

How to stop being in "Love" with an Ass Hole

This particular blog has less to do with me and will be written more as an interesting approach on how to get over that black hole that is your heart. 

   The truth of the matter is that there is no "get out of Jail free" way to get over someone. When you pour your heart and time and emotions into a guy (or girl for that matter.) It is an investment. The fact that what ever they did that you once found endearing and that you now find absolutely the most annoying habit for any person to have ever possessed. Doesn't change the fact that if you see them doing it for someone else, it is going to sting a little.  (And what the hell does he/she see in him/her anyway they are obviously Uglier/more hairy/less mature/heavier, fill in your idiom. ) 

  I have found there are three main types of break-ups; the ones I cause,  the ones I initiate and the ones that feel like a sucker punch from the Linebacker of the Varsity football team. Let me explain the difference between the three.
     TYPE 1 The Ones I cause: 
(a) Forgetting important dates. (No our first hug is not an important date!")                                   (b) Teasing in a non-loving way (It doesn't matter how funny it might seem to say  "It isn't your pants that makes your ass look fat, It is your ass." This is not the proper way to build a long lasting relationship. 
(c) Showing my lack of compassion about things you care about. (I'm a guy, as it turns out, it rarely bothers me when your bangs wont cooperate.) 

   TYPE 2 The Ones I Initiate:
(a) Cheating (There isn't really a need to explain this one, is there? If  he/she puts his/her tongue or any other part of his/her body in a boys/girls orifice that is not yours, the Relationship is considered forfeit) 
(b) Greener Pastures ( If he/she thinks the grass is greener in someone else's yard.... good riddance! This includes anything longer than a glance at an attractive passer by.)
(c) Double the fun. (Dating more than one girl at a time is technically cheating, but it seems so common lately i thought it deserved its own sub-division. If he/she isn't completely committed to a single person, odds are they are not looking for a single person.)

   Type 3 The Ones you don't see coming:
(a) Drive by dumping. (you think everything is fine, and then it's over, usually if you were unaware of any of type 2 they tend to lead into type 3's) 
(b) Parental Guidance.  (Like it or not, if the Parents aren't fond of you, they will not let your partner forget it.) 
(c) Boredom (This one cuts you deep, in my experience.)

  Now that I have walked you through the various ways you could have ended up in your current situation.  I want to give you some advice on how to get over this A-hole. If you are a Type 1 or Type 2 break up, odds are you initiated the break up... and most of the heart ache is numbed by your pro-active approach.  For those Type 3's out there, the road ahead is a rough one, just know that you are not alone on this road, many preceded you and many will follow.'

  Getting over the A-Hole in 3 easy steps...

  Step 1...
  Get Rid of their Junk. (That article of clothing you slept in/with those nights to remind you of their scent, will only bring negative memories and emotions when you find it three weeks from now at the bottom of your laundry basket.)
  Step 2
Get out and do something. (avoid couple centric locations, your best bet is to get a group together and go bowling or dancing or go play pool, anything to keep you out of your room, and your head.) 
  Step 3
See new people! (The best way to get over an ass hole is to meet a nice guy/girl. I know it sounds simple but most of us after a bad relationship just want to hide in a hole. get out there have some fun...) 

The simple fact is the best way to get over an ass hole, is to move on. So many of us reminisce back to the better times and up dwelling on where it all went wrong. Life is full of heart aches, the trick is finding the one that is worth crying over that doesn't make you cry.

I want to thank Laurie Cook for helping me get over the Ass Holes in my life. 

Random Fact: This blog was inspired by and dedicated to Hayley G Hoover.


Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I may never understand

      I think it is kind of funny how I spend my entire work week looking forward to my weekend. Then i spend my entire weekend, dreading the work week. Yet i do nothing to fully enjoy my weekends, other than going to se those movies yesterday and walking around yet another establishment that has ratified it's bookstore. (Seriously what the hell is with the lack of book stores in this area... it is absolutely criminal.)  I also people watched a little, I do oh so enjoy randomly making up stories for the random strangers i encounter. and now for some Ice Cream!

Random Fact: I have Air Plane Reservations... EFFING WOOT 

Monday, April 06, 2009

I'm a REEL watcher

Hmm does anyone even remember the old Wheel of Fortune slogan "I'm a Wheel Watcher!"??? I'm hoping at least some of you do or else my blog title wont seem as witty... I saw three new movies today, being my first day off in 7 days I wanted nothing more than to lose myself in other stories. I saw Monsters Vs. Aliens, Fast & Furious, and Adventureland. The last of which was definitely my favorite. Other than that I didn't do much... 

Random Question:
Why do they put Braille dots on the keypad of the drive up ATM?

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Watch that hand mister...

         The problem with portraying the Easter Bunny I have discovered, is that people feel way too comfortable touching you. I mean at least with the Santa suit people (more specifically males in general)  assumed that there was a dude under the suit. Especially since the bunny suit is sort of feminine looking... Pink cottontail and all.. That still doesn't excuse random Adult men from caressing my upper leg.... ewwwww.. and older women from sitting on me in a way that no one should.
    After seven straight days, I have the day off tomorrow, I am ridiculously excited about sleeping in... and accomplishing tasks that will bring me closer to my goal...

   Random Thought... Why does the bunny bring eggs????  

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Stuffy Head, And New Britches

     I can not shake this Head cold to save my life... it is so effing frustrating.... especially when I am trying to eat because I can't breathe through my nose. So I end up chewing my food like some kind of Cow chewing its curd. *Chew,(breath) Chew, (Breath) Chew (Breath) * Try telling me that isn't five kinds of sexy.
   So I was ringing up these three women today while at work and all three of them were purchasing new panties. Which isn't a big deal people buy underwear on a semi-regular basis. The part that annoyed me is that every time I Picked up a pair of panties, the girls, (early twenties at youngest) would giggle. I mean seriously folks, are we that Immature???
  And then to add insult to injury while I was purchasing my own underwear the girl out the check out was obviously uncomfortable and giggling at the site of mine... I was like hello, I am not wearing them at the moment. 
   I finished the last Episodes of Star Trek Enterprise last night, and tonight I have started Supernatural tonight... slightly different types of shows... to say the least.

Random Thought: I am not wearing underwear!!!! 

Friday, April 03, 2009

"That Alien can Draw, Did she lick the Pineapple???"

So starting today the City of  Tacoma Weekly Chalk off has begun every friday at noon.. A group of people come together every week for about 5 months and draw different themes each week, the picture to the right was drawn by a friend of mine. Not bad if i do say so myself... Adam is an awesome artist on many levels, those of you who follow my VlogTag Collab channel on youtube may know Adam as Monday. Recently he did that Noir video that blew us all out of the water. You can watch that video here. There seem to be more interesting Videos coming from this channel every day, Every Friday we have a different Day of the week complete a challenge, Mary Kate's for this week was to create a 5 minute stop motion Epic Adventure you can follow the link here to watch that video. ( It might help you understand the humor in the video if you know that VlogSmoothie and Nerdfightastic are also collab channels on Youtube. I am surrounded by amazing Artists, and I am reminded of that on a Daily basis. While my day (Wednesdays) may not always be the most creative I am most definitely in great company.  You are all awesome and I am thankful to call you my friends.

Random Fact I have watched 4 seasons of Star Trek: ENTERPRISE in 3 weeks, I only have two more episodes... I am a little bummed. Does anyone have any TV on DVD suggestions??? 

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Through Rain sleet and snow

Can I just say that weather is stupid. Hmmm maybe I should be more specific, Western Washington weather is DUMB... Today's weather was so ridiculous that if i believed in Mother Nature I would wonder if maybe she was entering Menopause... 
   Hung out with my little brother again today, we have been hanging out a lot recently, It makes me really happy... just a thought. 

Random Question....  Are Mother Nature and Mother Earth considered to be the same being???

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

¡¡¡¡¡sǝɥɔʇıq ʎɐp slooɟ lıɹdɐ sı ʇı

¡oʎ 'uʍop ǝpısdn sı ʇıɥs sıɥʇ :ʇɔɐɟ ɯopuɐɹ ¡¡¡ʇooʍ ¡¡¡ɥʇuoɯ sıɥʇ sƃolq ɟo spuıʞ llɐ ƃuıʇʇǝƃ ǝq plnoʍ noʎ ʇɐɥʇ ʍouʞ oʇ llɐ noʎ pǝʇuɐʍ ʇsnɾ ʇɹoɥs uı ˙˙˙ǝɹıɟ ʇoɥ ǝʇıɥʍ ǝʞıl pɐǝɹds sɐɥ puɐ pǝʇɹɐʇs uosuɥoɾ uǝǝɹnɐɯ ɹǝʇıɹʍ ʇlnpɐ ƃunoʎ ʇɐɥʇ ǝƃuǝllɐɥɔ ɐ sı ɐ˙p˙ǝ˙q) ˙ɥʇuoɯ sıɥʇ ɐpǝq uı ʇɹɐd ƃuıʞɐʇ ǝq llıʍ ı ʇɐɥʇ ʍouʞ llɐ noʎ ʇǝl oʇ pǝʇuɐʍ ı puɐ ʎɐp slooɟ lıɹdɐ sı ʇı sɹǝpɐǝɹ xoqpuɐs ʍollǝɟ ollǝɥ