Monday, March 23, 2009

The curious case of F. Scott Fitzgerald

Today I started reading a collection of F. Scott Fitzgerald's early works. For those of you that are unaware the movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button that came out a couple of months ago is based on a short story by the same name written by mr Fitzgerald, he also is considered to be one Americas greatest authors, he wrote the Great Gatsby. The beginning  of the collection has a short biography of the young Authors life. I have to be honest, it scared me a little.  He died from complications of a heart attack at what now seems to be the very young age of 44 years old. It started me thinking of what other classic stories he might have contributed to our nation had he lived a few decades more. Piers Anthony still publishes books and he is 75 years old. 
  The reason I bring this up is simply this... We never know how much time we have, it is high time we stopped wasting that precious time. Don't you agree? 

 In other news I finally got an IPhone!!!! You have no Idea how excited I am about this. It has pasted a smile on my face for the past four days. 

 Random Fact
Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald  (September 24, 1896 – December 21, 1940) was an American writer of novels and short stories, whose works are evocative of the Jazz Age, a term he coined himself. He is widely regarded as one of the twentieth century's greatest writers. Fitzgerald is considered a member of the "Lost Generation" of the twenties. He finished four novels, including The Great Gatsby, with another published posthumously, and wrote dozens of short stories that treat themes of youth and promise along with despair and age.
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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Wrote a mini-review

Hey all, so I wrote a little mini-review for the book I just finished. I thought i would let you all read it... see this counts as a blog post and it is sort of funny. 

 Review of Amber Benson's Deaths Daughter
Calliope is your stereotypical fashion socialite, and much like everyone else in New York has one "Hell" of a family.. I refuse to sum up the story as it has been done more than once here and I am sure you get the drift. 
I completely agree with the grievances noted in the other reviews, The Heroine of the story whines a lot, an effing lot. Honestly aside from that this was a really good book, the story was interesting and had supporting characters that more than made up for Calliope's never ending whimpering. Great dialogue, engaging story I am recommending this to my friends, especially the The "Twilhards" (my nickname for the fans that support that drivel.) I mean if they could push through Breaking Dawn they will effing love this book.

   The TwiHards I am referring to are fans of the books in the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer. The fourth book titled Breaking Dawn was absolute crap and received quite the backlash when it was released, hence the jab at the end.

  The Author of the book is quite the entrepreneur this is her first Solo Novel but she has Co-Authored books previously. She also is an Actress, screenwriter and Director, My Mother might recognize her as Tara (Willow's Girlfriend) from Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Random Fact:
My mother might be interested to know this book is available for Kindle as well. 

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Nomadic By Nature

Aside from not posting in my blog for a week it appears the extrication from the internet didn't actually happen... let me tell you what I have been up to... It has been snowing here for the past three days... I am not amused. I have started toying with the idea of picking up and moving East, like far east, like east coast east. The few people i have talked bout this with are more or less convinced that my motivation to move is motivated with the relationship I am currently basking in. (I hate dangling modifiers and yet I use them so very often.... sigh) The truth of the matter is that while I am very excited to pursue this relationship, all it has given me is that little extra nudge to move now. I have spent my whole life moving from place to place, and to be honest I enjoy it. I honestly feel that I have been here too long. I have a nomadic spirit, that I have ignored for far too long... 
In other internet related news there is a new social networking type website that I have started partaking in... the basic idea is that you take a picture every day for a year, at the end of the year i'll probably make a video of all the pictures, but for now if you are interested you can keep track of them by clicking on the link HERE 

Random Fact of the day,
You should watch the documentary Religulous with Bill Maher it is pretty funny. 

Tuesday, March 03, 2009


I don't sleep well recently, which is in part due to my ridiculous sleeping/work schedule and in part due to how much I have on my plate. A couple friends of mine have extricated themselves from the internet almost all together, I am tempted to do the same. It's been so long since I was completely cut off from the internet, I wonder how long I could do it. I am tempted. 

Random piece of sad information,
I rented all three High School Musical films today so far I have only watched the first one, but to be honest it wasn't nearly as bad as i had feared it would be.