Monday, February 08, 2010

Hey DJ!!!! (and parenthesis overkill)

I feel like when ever I find the time to write a post here that I need to start said post with an apology, but as it has been less than two weeks since my previous post I am going to forgo the formality. A lot has been happening in my life in the previous two months, I moved to another country! (England for those of you playing the home game) I heard about a volunteer position at a local radio station (I am unable to have a paying job on my visitors VISA, RED TAPE FAIL!) The position started as a News Reader in the mornings and has transformed into an afternoon drive time show during the week.
I have also started a show with Helen (the girl I moved to England to be closer to.) Wednesday nights and Friday nights Listen Here! we have our show where we talk about Films and theatre productions with music from these through out. (this week we are having a two hour Disney Film special Wednesday night from 8-10pm (GMT) you should check it out. The show is called He said, She said and it has become a lot of fun for the both of us. Helen and I have started a film review site with the same name (He said, she said) where we review the films we have seen together. It is a lot of fun as it helps start a discussion after the film, and occasionally one of us will have picked on something the other might have missed. After each film we take notes on points of the film that stuck out to us and write our review for the site. A fairly easy and fun way to do something together no matter where we are.
Helen and I are going to see the West End (England's equivalent to Broadway) production of Chicago the weekend after next in London we are both really excited as our first real date was another West End Production by the name of Wicked. and we had a fantastic time. We both really enjoy theatre and rarely walk away with a lack luster feeling.
As odd as it may seem I am planning a trip to Los Angeles in July for a convention. It will be Helen's first trip to L.A and the first time I have been to my home town in over 7 years. I am really excited. It will be a large gathering of a lot of people I know and respect as well as hundreds of people who have some sort of clout on youtube. (I am not one of those) The evenings will be reminiscent of last years NWYT Gathering, with too many people in too few hotel rooms making memories and jokes that will continue to be referenced for the entire next year.
That is the view from my perspective at the moment. A lot going on and a lot still to come.

Random silly joke:
What is black and white and red all over???

An embarrassed penguin!