Friday, July 13, 2007

Just A Quick Note

Just a quick note I wanted to let you all know that things at work have come to a head with the little blond one. Due to the fact that she hasn’t been able to maintain a professional appearance at work I had to take our little issue to higher management. She and the Mo-Hawk Idiot continue to start and perpetuate rumors, so last night I approached a higher member of management and sat down with them to explain the issue. Taking their advice into consideration I have removed the last few of my blogs from public view. If you would like to know the full story you can email me.
In other news my uncle’s marriage went smashingly, I had the opportunity to hang with my new girlfriend sans the work drama, my little brother, his new girlfriend My favorite cousin and my mother not to mention the rest of my family which I think really recharged my emotional batteries. Things around here are a little heated but I don’‘t really know why, I’m sure I will find out eventually, and now I am off to see the new Harry Potter movie, on Friday the thirteenth, really not one scary movie out how sad is that? Drop me a line if you missed the last three blogs so I can bring you up to speed.

A Fitting Quote:
Let's face it...most relationships you have in life don't work out.
Alex Bennett