Tuesday, November 10, 2009

She knows when we lie....

Today didn't really work out the way that I had hoped but I did get a chance to see some friends and have a nice meal with them. We had planned for more hanging out, but that wasn't meant to be. Tempé (the car) was true to form very temperamental today and decided she didn't want to cooperate. Luckily it wasn't a big deal and we were able to meet up with everyone as planned.
Before we sat down to eat I walked across the street to wash my hands (as they reeked of fuel) I was walking towards the 7-11 (which for the record did not have a public restroom) and an obviously homeless woman asked me if I had a cigarette I told her that I didn't smoke and went on my way thinking nothing of it, as she was walking away she said she knew when people were lying to her. I laughed and said no really, smoking is bad for you.

About an hour later the same woman came in to the Teriyaki place where we were eating and after being loud and yelling at the hostess came to our table and asked for money we all replied that we didn't have any to give and she once again mentioned that she knew when people were lying to her and that more or less we could all rot in Hell. I told her to have a nice day. I am an A-Hole...
After our meal we walked back to the car and after some gentle coddling (I may or may not have kicked the car once or twice) She started back up. I drove The Alien and Miss Lewis Home and then Miss Abbott and I came Home and watched a film. As I type this Miss Abbott is quickly falling asleep behind me...

Random Fact. Modern research has shown that a sharp decrease in daily calories results in fewer nocturnal ejaculations in men and an overall decrease in the sexual themes of dreams .. Which explains my constant need of Ice Cream before bed.... (awkward)

Monday, November 09, 2009

Never push the Button...

Today was a bit hectic and in response this will be a short update. I went to work at 6:30 this morning and more or less faked ill so that I could go home early. I also plan to call in the next three days. When I finally did get home, Miss Abbott was getting ready as we had plans to meet Adam and Molly. Plans changed and we ended up rescheduling our day for tomorrow, so instead Miss Abbott and I decided to travel less and catch a movie.
The movie we saw was an absolute bore. The movie was titled "The Box", (a movie about how one choice, whether or not to Push a button, could seal your fate.) but trust me when I tell you it really isn't worth your time. After the movie we had an early dinner at Red Robin which unfortunately didn't sit well with either of us. In order to try and feel a little better we walked around the Not so SuperMall. Funny little side note about this mall They do not have any ATM's in the entire mall. That was just really odd to me. According to the customer service attendee the New Bank that took over the ATM service hasn't delivered the new machines.

After our uneventful walk we went and swapped cars with my brother and his wife as I had used his car for the impromptu road trip. We had a nice long conversation with them about our trip and Miss Abbott's adorable English pronunciation of words like Tudor and Cheetah... which sound very similar. And we made plans to hang with them again later this week. I am going to cook dinner for all four of us on Wednesday night. Fun!!!!

Random Fact: When Lightning strikes it can reach temperatures of up to 3-5 times as hot as the sun.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

Weekend Roadtrip.

Hello true believers,
Sorry for not having a post for two consecutive nights. Miss Abbott and I spent the majority of Saturday at my little brothers JiuJitsu tournament. He took first place in his weight and belt division which is awesome, He really was incredible. The kid can grapple. After his second match around 3:30 or so we had to leave to head down to my Mom & Dad's it was supposed to be a five and a half hour drive but due to the ridiculous rain storms all the way down the freeway it took closer to 7 hours. When we finally arrived we all sat in my mothers dining room and looked at tons of old family photos, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I wasn't a half bad looking kid. as the Winter Ball picture to the right can attest. (The girl is of little to no consequence.) We looked at the pictures until nearly 2 in the morning and all decided to turn in.
The guest bed was so warm and comfortable it was hard to leave it the next morning. Sunday morning we woke up around 8:30 and had cute little conversations. My mother made amazing stuffed omelets and home made bread toast. We had a very relaxed day of good conversations and funny stories. My mother made another amazing meal of cheese and spinach quiche and fried chicken strips... Mmm there is nothing like homemade cooking. We made my Mom and Dad watch Dr Horrible's Sing Along Blog. I don't think they were as into it as Miss Abbott and I were, but I think over all they were amused. (Miss Abbott and I sang almost the entire production verbatim while we were watching it.)
After Dinner Helen and I packed ourselves back into the car and began the journey back home. We were both much more tired at the start of this leg but managed to make it home with out too many concerns. (when we were nearly home I got off at the exit for my house and for some unknown reason got right back on the freeway and started heading in the opposite direction, It took me a full two miles to realize my blunder. Miss Abbott was very tired but very amused by this turn of events.
When we finally did get home, we got ready for bed straight away and went to sleep as fast as we could, as I had to be at work at 6:30 this morning. And that is where I will leave you until tonight.

Random Fact: Canada has the longest Coast line in the world.

Friday, November 06, 2009

The Meet & Greets!!!

So unfortunately I had to work today, so while Miss Abbott was able to get a few more hours of sleep, I was up bright and early for a 6:30 shift. I only had to work four and a half hours so as soon as I was done I drove home picked Miss Abbott up and we headed in the general direction of Tacoma, Washington. Our plan was to pick up the very talented Molly Lewis (more commonly known on the Interwebs as Sweetafton23) and then meet AdamtheAlien for a Frost park Chalk off. (For the record Frost Park is a tiny little beautiful memorial park.)
Unfortunately it was raining balls and we were unable to play with chalk. so instead we went and looked at some really awesome legal graffiti, had some really good soup and then after dropping Molly off we went and played Monopoly with Adam and his roommate.

After our Game (in which Helen destroyed all the American despite constantly referring to the currency as pounds, and not recognizing any of the spaces, apparently the British version is very different) Helen and I headed back towards home and dinner with my brother and his wife
we had some home made pizza and a night of board games and conversation the picture above was my brother celebrating making his weight for tomorrow's Jujitsu match. (note the creepy facial hair, a remnant of his Halloween costume where he portrayed a gay partially dressed construction worker, and meant to scare his opponents)
Tomorrow after my brothers match we are heading down to my mothers so that Miss Abbott can meet my Mom & Dad. I am very excited about getting there, not so much about the 12 hour round trip in two days.. But it will be very good.

Random Fact: Swallowed gum is not digested by the gastrointestinal system, it usually passes through within 24 hours. Take that fib telling parents...

Thursday, November 05, 2009

"One Short Day in The Emerald City"

Miss Abbott and I decided to spend the day in Seattle, (the Emerald City). We had a bit of a late start but we managed to go and have an amazing tea latte at the tea house I mentioned the other day and then we headed into the city. We walked Pike's Market and went into my favorite geek store in the market. (It's a comic book store with ridiculous amount of schwag) It took a great effort to not buy all of the awesome Spidey stuff. We had a really nice chinese meal for lunch and then walked the 12 blocks up to the Space Needle.

It was a miserable and rainy day. But the view was beautiful. It was so windy at the top that I was able to lean forward at almost a 45 degree angle and not fall on my face. We took some great pictures and even some footage that will show up in a vlogtag video very soon. While we were standing in front of the needle I managed to take this shot, Link here Not bad for a picture I took with out looking with a phone...

Random Fact:
The entire worlds population could stand on the Isle of Wight

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Totally not late at all...

So today we decided to go in search of A tea house.... Which we found, but we were there an hour and a half before it opened so we decided to go in search of Pancakes, I meant to drive to a specific IHOP in Tukwilla, but I got lost, as even with GPS I am still very prone to do. and I accidently found another in Renton. After breakfast we went out to Tempé (my new to me car) and true to her name she didn't start... We decided to give her a little time to herself, and went for a walk. After our walk and some amusing observations at the Renton Wal~Mart, we got the car started and decided to go see a film. We saw Couples Retreat with Vince Vaughn,Jason Bateman and Kristen Bell, and others. It was really funny... after the movie we had a light dinner and found a little loose tea shop in the mall and had some nice Chai tea and then headed home where we made my Vlogtag video Link here We are adorable, Tomorrow I think we are headed out to Seattle should be tons of fun...

Random Fact: Mustard can prevent Alzheimer's Disease .... contributed by my mother, and Helen's total aversion to said Mustard and her completely Rubbish memory...

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The British Have arrived!!!

As you can see by the picture to the right, Miss Abbott has finally arrived to spend some quality time with yours truly. The night has been uneventful so far there has been cuddling and kissing, and then once I finally managed to get her to put Inara down we cuddled as well. We are getting ready to go to sleep while watching Ant Bully. As I write this Miss Abbott is lying down supposedly resting her eyes. Which means she will be fast asleep with in a matter of minutes.
Inara being the attention whore that she is seems to have taken to Miss Abbott very quickly. My dear cat also managed to lay on all of Miss Abbott's clothes as soon as she opened her Suitcase (which weighs a bloody ton I might add, I am pretty sure she smuggled some royal guards in her luggage.) I think other than not really approving of our cuddling Inara is going to enjoy having Miss Abbott here almost as much as I will.

My day had some humorous moments, the first involving a forklift two empty propane tanks and a number of back & forth trips with a set of very important Managerial Keys. The second involving an electric cart pusher and the incompetent employees responsible for it's maintenance. Horray for a tiny little cart pusher needing three 12 volt batteries daisy chained together in order to power it. The scary part of the second highlight is that I managed to fix for free what the mechanic had bid three days prior for $1200.00 Obviously I am in the wrong line of work...
Well I have been away from Miss Abbott for far too long and she is already far too quiet, so I am going to say good night I'll see you again tomorrow...

Random Fact: According to a recent scientific study children of mixed race heritage are less susceptible to emotional, mental and physical diseases. Due to certain racial immunities and the combined hybrid dominant genes. (Contrary to my brother having cycle-cell anemia)

Monday, November 02, 2009

The last minute cleanings

After working another 11 hour work day I was exhausted when I got home today. And after half an hour or so of procrastinating I scrubbed my entire bathroom from top to bottom. While I was scrubbing my bathtub with the hot water running I was filling up my sink with hot water and Pine-Sol, which as it turns out over flows faster than you would think. Water was spilling out over the side and down the cupboards. It was all over the floor, and hilarious I only noticed because my socks were all of a sudden soaking wet. After I cleaned up that mess I finished the entire job. The floor is clean, the toilet is clean, the tub is clean... the sink is clean. Well I should say it is clean as long as "Douche" doesn't eff it all up.
I am so excited Miss Abbott will be here in nineteen hours!!!!! Tomorrow is going to be a hell of a day at work, I have to work a full shift before leaving to pick her up. We are going to have a nice dinner and then head home and watch a movie, as I am sure we will both be exhausted from our travels...
Random Quote overheard while at work: "I don't have a vagina; my mouth is my vagina." ~~~random guy in the next aisle.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

The Beginning of NaNoWriMo

Hello fellow blog readers!!!!
So Nov 1st is the beginning of NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month) I thought I would take this opportunity to start writing here again. I have done so many things since my last posting. I have been to England! I have fallen head over heels for a girl. (A different girl, and an amazing and unique woman.) You will be hearing a lot about Miss Abbott in the near future as she is coming to stay with me on Tuesday. She will be here for ten days. I am very excited... and very nervous to have her here. On the one hand I really miss waking up next to her. (I spent my vacation in England with her.) On the other hand my roommates make me crazy. And I really don't wish for anyone else to have to deal with what I do on a regular basis. I promise to make every effort to update every day this month similar to when I was doing BEDA...

Random Fact of the Blog
A cow has four stomachs... (contributed by Miss Abbott.)