Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Fathers Day, Or Whatev

Hey everyone I just wanted to leave a quick note saying happy fathers day to all of you fathers out their, even to those who have the name only in title if not in action. to Answer Mr Brooks' question directly there are a few who still read this blog, even three years after it's original conception. They tend to send me emails instead of commenting directly on the blog. There are even a couple of new readers that have been introduced to this blog via my YouTube channel. 

  In other news my baby brother and his Wife  are spending the week with me while he looks for an apartment in or around Seattle. They arrived here last night around 8:15 and i made them dinner, and after a quick jaunt to the store we stayed up till three in the morning playing card games and telling stories.  I was a little nervous before they arrived, but i think we are actually going to have a really nice time. 

Random Quote

"It isn't how much you drink that makes you a drunk, it's how often you vomit."