Friday, April 24, 2009

Day three/four: IronPigs Triumph

Yes I know I titled yesterdays post day three; turns out I fail at
life. I titled the evening I landed as Day Zero
But I keep thinking of it as an actual
Laurie had to work half a day today and like a good boyfriend I
slept till right before she got home.
When she finally did get home we went and walked around an outdoor
mall similar to the one in Kent, and while waiting for the game we saw
17 again. Which was a great movie.
The IronPigs are a triple A baseball team, they won tonights game
13-3 they had 7 runs in the third inning alone. It was a lot of fun. I
met two of laurie's friends at the game, Katie and Shayne they were
both a lot of fun, we had a late snack at Dennys with them after the
Tomorrow we are spending the entire day in New York City. I am so
excited I can't wait!!! Laurie even surprised me with tickets to the
Broadway show Avenue Q!!!! so exciting!!

Random Fact: The LeHigh IronPigs destroyed the Pawtuckett Red Soxx!!

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