Saturday, November 24, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving or Vices, Vixens and the Vatican

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!! I apologize for being a couple of days late. So I do not have too much to report. The roommate situation has for the most part calmed it self down. I do have that feeling deep in my bones that a Drama Storm is rapidly approaching. I think this past month has been my brief experiment with some well known vices. There was some drinking (which for the most part is rare if not unheard of with me.) Some Gambling… (There are a lot of Indian casinos around town and a couple of the legally aged roommates and I decided to go check one out.) And well I don’t know if affairs of the heart are considered a vice but I would be remiss if I didn’t mention my recent explorations of the fairer sex. (I realize this is sort of random but have any of the guys out there ever had an argument with a woman where you won with out cheating? They are often referred to as the fairer sex, and yet tend to fight unfair at most opportunities, now I don’t mean unfair as in bringing a gun to knife fight. I have met a few women that knew how to say one thing in so many different ways that you never really know where you stand.) I think until things settle down with the aspect of my life concerning women that I will hold any additional comments on the subject. I do want to speak directly to a couple of people who appear to get annoyed when they find them selves the subject of one of my many rants. If you do not want to find your exploits highlighted and or commented on, do not do things that annoy me. If you are an ex-girlfriend it is not your place to assume I am trying to date every girl I speak to. One might inquire as to why you care one way or another. I have mentioned the Post-relationship Anti-James Club previously in my blogs mostly in an attempt to see the lighter side of bitter break ups. What I find so amusing is how when your speaking directly to me you go on and on about how much the drama bothers you, and yet when I’m out of sight you seem unable to avoid adding to the very drama you seem to despise. I don’t for a second think you are alone in this; I just thought I would point it out.
And now for something completely different, This Thursday I am going to see Dane Cook live (For those of you who don’t know Dane Cook is a stand up comedian that is very popular right now.) He has been in quite a few movies you might have seen, most recently Employee of the Month with Jessica Simpson, Mr. Brooks with Kevin Costner (great title by the way!) and Good Luck Chuck with Jessica Alba. I am really, really excited.
As of today there are 31 shopping days left before Greed Day. Is anyone else done with Christmas yet???? Hope you all have a great month.

Random Fact of the Blog:
The smallest state in the world besides Vatican City is Monaco; located on the French Mediterranean coast. Monaco is a tiny 0.7 square miles in area. Ironically, Monaco also has the more millionaires per capita than any other nation in the world. Most likely due to its size, Monaco is also the most densely packed country on Earth.