Thursday, April 02, 2009

Through Rain sleet and snow

Can I just say that weather is stupid. Hmmm maybe I should be more specific, Western Washington weather is DUMB... Today's weather was so ridiculous that if i believed in Mother Nature I would wonder if maybe she was entering Menopause... 
   Hung out with my little brother again today, we have been hanging out a lot recently, It makes me really happy... just a thought. 

Random Question....  Are Mother Nature and Mother Earth considered to be the same being???


Anonymous said...

Gramps says that we have the North Pole & the South Pole and where we live in SW Washington it is Bi-Polar, and, "Would someone please make Mother Nature get back on her Meds!!! NOW!!!" This weather has gotten totally ridiculous. The robins are singing in all of our trees and there is snow on the ground in Battleground this morning.

Enough already.

Love you.

Gram & Gramps

Bobby Jones said...

I think Mother Nature and Mother Earth are at least siblings if not the same person.