Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day One: meeting the family

This will have to be quick, if it has passed midnight when this posts
I maintain that I have until midnight pacific standard time to post
each BEDA this month. I met Ninnin today (laurie's grandmother on her
mother's side) as well as Grammy and pop-pop (her fathers parents.) I
played with Ninnins little ten year old dog the majority of my visit
there and if nothing else at the very least I made a friend with the
very spry pug/mix.
At Grammy and Pop-pops we had some interesting conversations.
Interesting due mostly to pop-pop being 81 years young, and at the
very least ninety percent deaf.. Grammy compliments him by being very
soft spoken and completely adorable...
Random fact: Grammy and Pop-pop will be married fifty-nine years on
December thirty first. The date according to pop-pop selected for tax
reasons... Wow
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