Saturday, April 11, 2009

Holy Crazy Days

So today was a hectic crazy day, I finally dropped my vacation bomb on my boss... I was like, "So uh... I'm going to Pennsylvania... like uh... in 9 days... " He was less than pleased... This is how much I care... "Zero!" I haven't had a vacation in over two years... I am in desperate need of one. 

       I found out yesterday that my mother now googles my screen name (AslanEnlisted) I don't know if this is weird because my mother and computers aren't on the friendliest of terms, or because some of the places my screen name turns up are just awkward. Due mostly to the random people that signed me up on Xtube as a homosexual video enthusiast... Thank you all so very much... le sigh.  The people I call friends... LOL! 

   Wahoo one more work day and then weekend... Woot!! Woot

Random Quote: "I don't like my penis why would I play with someone elses?"
                               said by AJ James Brooks... pretty much when ever anyone accuses me of being gay... It has become my staple response... 

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