Monday, April 13, 2009

Defending my Sexual preference

         This is one of those blogs that I am going to write with little to no actual thought. I am a heterosexual male. I am one of those rare heterosexual males that rarely cares what others think about me. I like chick flicks, I have a completely heterosexual man-crush on Scott Backula. Which is perfectly normal. I have a girlfriend. (To whom i also have to defend my sexual preference. She worries.) 
      Saturday night i ended up at a gay bar in downtown Kent by the name of Vibe with my brother and his wife, we were there for maybe the sum total of 45 minutes. I was the DD and it was the last place open still serving drinks. This was not a calm cool collected type of gay bar. This was your stereotypical  gay bar. Complete with lesbian bouncers, Ridiculously masculine  Drag queens, nearly naked male go-go dancers, Explicit gay porn on different monitors in multiple places scattered through out the bar and with awkward man sex in the male restroom that I entered. I say awkward because I entered the bathroom and had un-zipped before my ears registered the sound as what it was. 

    All in all it was a fun night, prior to the Vibe, we had gone bowling and spent an hour or so at a local restaurant bar before they closed. My brother and his wife had fun. (my brother was hit on by every male in the bar excluding myself.) My brothers wife had the rare joy of dancing in a bar without fifty nasty men trying to grope you. Ironically, I think if my brother would have danced he would have had quite the opposite experience. Instead he got a few free drinks out of the deal.. not bad. I however was completely unabashedly ignored. I'm not complaining I just found it amusing. 

   On a fun side note the lesbian bouncer recognized me at work yesterday. When I had first entered the bar the partial contents of my wallet had fallen out and she was nice enough to find me and hand them back. I wanted to make a joke to the bouncer, but nothing witty jumped to mind. 
    I spent the majority of my day off hiding in my room, willing this next week to go by faster, I am eagerly awaiting my much needed vacation with my girlfriend. 

    Random Fun Fact... Scott Backula is on CHUCK!!!! 

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