Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Completion of BEDA and an Introduction.

Today marks the End of Blog Every Day April. I don't plan to quit blogging everyday as of now, but after today i am not obligated to do so. I have actually really enjoyed this last month, I really enjoyed chronicling each day while I was on Vacation. I did the majority of them on my way home at the end of the night while Laurie drove. I wanted to make sure it got done, and wanted to make sure I didn't take time away from her while I did it. 

   An interesting thing happened to me while I was at work today... A co-worker said he had something for me and that i was to follow him home after work... I was a little concerned but went along with it. Turns out his cat had kittens about two months ago and he wasn't able to give this last one away, Her name is Inara (which is from Middle-Eastern Mythology and means protector of Wild Animals) I named her this for two reasons... First, the name is very unique. I could not bare to saddle another feline with a name like Precious, or Princess ... Though I was tempted to name her Serenity... and second Inara is the name of a Character on a short lived T.V. series created by Joss Whedon titled Firefly, (It is a space western, freaking awesome!) Oh and their Ship's name??? is Serenity.... (as well as the name of the Movie that was made after the TV on DVD sales were insane and fans demanded more.) 

  Random Fact Inara is 10 weeks old

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