Monday, December 25, 2006

Happy Christmas One And All.

Happy Christmas Everyone! Yes Happy and no not Merry, I don’t know I watched the Holiday a couple of weeks ago and all the Brits say Happy Christmas, I thought it was different and since then I have found myself saying it more and more. Silly Brits. So a lot has happened in my life since I last posted a blog, up until this week I was working two and a half jobs. (I quit the Theater management position due to scheduling conflicts and other minute details. Details such as I was only getting three hours of sleep a night, The other job pays more and will allow me to pursue my teaching credentials.... yahoo!!!) I have officially been working at Wal~Mart for a month now, we have been setting up the brand new store, doing things like putting in shelving and now finally stocking freight (or product if you will.) As we are not yet open to the public we have been able to wear what ever we like. I took that opportunity to become Funny Shirt guy. Every day since I have started working there I have worn a different shirt with something funny written or pictured. Grams and Gramps have seen a couple of the shirts and I’m sure most of you have seen them around your local shopping malls, as apparently sarcasm is all the rage this season.
One of my favorite shirts that is unfortunately not Wal~Mart approved is a red tee that states simply... "I work so hard because millions on Welfare depend on me everyday!" I hope that doesn’t offend any of my faithful readers as it is truly very funny. So another new development this past week is that I have started seeing someone. One of the more important details I should bring to your attention.... she isn’t married. You should all be so very proud. She was in a lengthy relationship before me.(a few months shy of four years) But that is now in the past. I have strict rules you know. She works at Wal~Mart as well. She is gorgeous and very funny and seems very interested. I am being cautious, as I don’t want to be a rebound. I also don’t want another "Rocky type escapade." The only thing that has drawn concern is her age, as she is quite a bit younger than I am. It’s funny because it doesn’t bother her at all, nor would I think it would bother my mother very much. So yeah with out further ado she is 18. And trust me I give her a very hard time for being so young. Yes I did card her, so there wont be any legal drama as far as that is concerned. An example of how often I rib her for her age would be Thursday night as we were finishing dinner at Red Robin she got up to use the rest room and when she came back there was a children’s menu and four crayons waiting for her. Luckily she laughed. We took Rainbow Fish to dinner and to see Charlotte’s Web Friday night. It was a lot of fun. She held my hand all the way through the movie, while RF hopped back and fourth on our laps. She reaches for me while we are walking around and you can see the slightest bit of a twinkle in her eye when she looks at me. I met her family Saturday night. Needless to say her father is not exactly thrilled for his baby girl to be dating some one 8 years her senior. Not to mention the fact that he knows I am former military and therefore he is worried that I am the stereotypical soldier... Luckily for him... I was about as far from the typical soldier as I could have been. I am sure I will win him over eventually. Her Mother, brother and the one older sister that I met ( and her husband) all seem to think that I’m not too bad. Let me tell you this weekend felt like one interview after another. I think it was all for the best though. I think for now we will call her "Happy Meal" at least until something more fitting comes along.... hmmm what is the rule for Christmas presents when it is only a week into the relationship? Shrug... I’ll get her a stuffed animal maybe... I’ll have to give that one some thought.
In other news I will be buying a new car this Thursday, apparently I was approved for one of the hundreds of loan requests that I have been putting in lately. I am not sure what I am getting as of right now but according to the dealer it will be 2005 or newer. So that is pretty exciting. I am hoping for a V. W. Jetta or maybe a Mazda 6 or something in that type of class. But I will fill you all in on that on my New Years Blog. Now that I have more time I am going to once again try and update this at least weekly. I can promise you that I will always post on Holidays. So be sure to check around each holiday. I hope you all have a Happy Christmas and are able to spend it with some one you love.
Not So Random Quote:
I'm glad that life isn't like a Christmas song, because if my friends and I were building a snowman and it suddenly came alive when we put a hat on it, I'd probably freak and stab it to death with an icicle.
Matthew Perry (Friends)