Tuesday, February 13, 2007

My Mom Wanted You To Know She Visted Me On New Years!!!! Or Happy Valentine's Day From The Lost Boy

Hey everyone,
So I apologize for slacking on the blog reporting. This is my pseudo New Years/Valentine's Day blog yes I realize that I am currently so late that I have even missed the Chinese New year which is actually a complete month after everyone else celebrates it. Am I the only person that finds it odd that a country that is notorious for being so completely advanced technologically is a month behind on something as simple as a calender? So my mother actually visited me twice last month, once was technically in December but I am not sure if I had mentioned it. The second was for the New Years Eve Party that my roommates and I threw. My mother got to meet "Happy Meal" which was a lot of fun for me. It was actually a really good night. We sat around, had a little to drink, (uh,...... that is........... those who were of legal drinking age consumed moderate amounts of differing types of approved liqueur.)We tried to play Scene It! Which is one of my favorite games but I am usually the only person that really wants to play, and after about twenty minutes of me guessing all the answers most people get fairly bored with it fairly quickly. Is it my fault that one of my few hobbies happens to be movie related? Happy Meal and my mother seemed to hit it off rather well, and I know that Happy meal really likes my mother, I’m not sure if my mother liked her as much as she implied but I know for sure that she didn’t hate her, my family is very good at informing one another when we don’t approve of a relationship that they are in. Which is to say that with very little subtlety and even sometimes directly in front of, if not at least with in ear shot of the offensive party, we will inform which ever member of the family is involved that we think he or she should show their guest the door, preferably a back door so that we are not forced to fake any kind of unnecessary salutations. Obviously I am exaggerating a bit, but trust me we are harsh. In summary I think that over all my mother is happy that I am happy. Lets see what else. I did get a new car, or a new to me car anyway, I am now the proud owner of a 2000 Silver Grand Am GT. It has power everything and all leather interior and is an all around nice car. Although it does seem to hog a heck of a lot of fuel, I am frequently filling up my tank. At least twice a week. In all fairness I drive a heck of a lot. Happy meal and I seem to be a very good match. We have to juggle our work schedules with the time we spend together, and it seems we hardly ever have the same days off, but we make it work, I can honestly say I enjoy her company. And I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that I have been told repeatedly that my entire face lights up when ever she is around. I have been having a lot of fun (by fun I mean I have been stressing trying to plan a nice Valentines day for her) I have a lot of plans, a couple of nice gifts, some jewelry, flowers, rose petals,... two cards. I am hoping to make sure she has a hallmark holiday she doesn’t soon forget. A sneak peek into tomorrow as I know that she doesn’t read this blog yet.. I spent an hour and a half today getting rose petals ready for tomorrow so that I could feel her locker with them, so that she will be showered in rose petals to start her work day on the right foot. She will also find the first of two cards as well as a cute little stained glass frog thing. As I said I have put a lot of effort into this little Hallmark sponsored Holiday of Love. I have a few other things planned, I have had reservations for over two weeks at a nice romantic restaurant and as she loves Tulips she will find a dozen waiting for her at the table... well thats all for now... I will try and fill you all in on how the day went soon.... Happy Valentines Day to all....

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