Friday, April 17, 2009

Loves Labor Lost

Wow, look at me, stealing blog titles from Shakespeare... Today while i was working I helped a mother of two young children, it took very little time and even less effort and yet she was so happy, She even wrote a nice letter to my boss thanking me for helping her, there really aren't enough moments like that in a day. 
     After work I got a hair cut, from the same woman that has been cutting my hair for over a year now, as it turns out I am still just as awkward and uncomfortable around her as I have been since day one. She is very well endowed and I swear she like shoves her chest into me on a constant basis. I would stop having my hair cut by her, but I figure what the heck, she is only a little creepy. 
   After my hair cut, I grabbed a chilled beverage at Starbucks, read for about half an hour and then helped a coworker move an entertainment center.. Damn if i don't qualify for at least a good samaritan award.... Three days and counting... 

    Random Fact: Spider-man (Peter Parker) lives in a suburb of Queens known as Forrest Hills. 

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