Thursday, April 16, 2009

Meth-heads to my madness

While I was at lunch this evening I decided to run a couple of
errands, in hopes that I would then have less to worry about tomorrow
and this coming weekend. While paying my insurance at a local check
cashing place I was standing next to a very nervous looking young man,
he was shaky, fidgety and very obviously was in dire need of at the
very least a very long very soapy tour of the local car wash strapped
to the bed of his '87 ranger that was parked, stereo blasting in front
of the establishment. Apparently the gentleman/meth-head didn't have
his I.D. on him and had managed to answer all but one of the
identifier questions incorrectly and was unable to cash his check. He
walked out in a huff and returned moments later with a large female
friend that looked like she too would benefit from a similar tour
through a car wash or two. They continued to argue with the teller and
eventually left together in an odious cloud of defeat. Who would have
thought the lunch hour could be so entertaining?
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Laurie said...

4 days 0 hours and 25 minutes til you leave!! :)