Tuesday, April 07, 2009

I may never understand

      I think it is kind of funny how I spend my entire work week looking forward to my weekend. Then i spend my entire weekend, dreading the work week. Yet i do nothing to fully enjoy my weekends, other than going to se those movies yesterday and walking around yet another establishment that has ratified it's bookstore. (Seriously what the hell is with the lack of book stores in this area... it is absolutely criminal.)  I also people watched a little, I do oh so enjoy randomly making up stories for the random strangers i encounter. and now for some Ice Cream!

Random Fact: I have Air Plane Reservations... EFFING WOOT 

1 comment:

ADO said...

You don't know what is a lack of book stores. Go to Itajaí.

That might be because brazilians are lazy illiterate monkeys.