Saturday, July 11, 2009

This picture makes me lol

Two months, too long

"Holy jesus that fat guy actually posted another blog!"
I can honestly say that it feels like forever since I updated this blog, a lot of things have happened in the previous months. "i'll 'splain, no there is too much, I'll sum up."
~I have become even more of an introvert hardly speaking to anyone, including people that I care deeply about, sans an instant messenger service known as Skype and the always present Twitter account.

~I have begun searching vigorously for a job on the other side of the country (and even a few out side of the country.) Which obviously includes looking for housing and the such in similar areas.

~I met and hung out with a large group of people that I previously had only known via the internet, and spent an amazing weekend getting to know 13 of them specifically. Via this meeting which was both emotionally (and financially) devastating I have been introduced to more people, and became closer with people I was only slightly aware of. Of all the things that have happened and that I have done in the previous two months this "gathering" has had the biggest impact on not only my idea of the internet but my idea of relationships and bonds made through the internet.

~On May 27th my birth fathers wife passed on. I haven't spoken directly to her in more than 15 years aside from an email or two I received a year or two back I haven't really had any contact with her at all, My thoughts and condolences are with My father and her children and grandchildren.

~Today July 11th 2009 my uncle is getting married I wasn't able to make it to the ceremony but I did want to say congratulations to him and his new wife.

In other news I really don't have a valid excuse as to why I haven't updated this blog in the last two months, it has occurred to me more than once, hell last month Laurie even sent me a tweet via twitter saying it had been too long. It just seems that I haven't had the urge. Writers block is to easy an excuse but it is very accurate..

Random Fact: this Picture is why I will not ever dress as Spider-Man for Halloween no one wants to have that image burned into their brains, not even me...