Wednesday, May 18, 2011

52:18 Three simple rules...

There are a few rules one must follow when attempting to see a film aimed at young children when you don't have children.

Rule number 1: Avoid the opening weekend of said film (9 times out of ten you and your date will be the only adults in the theatre without children and the noise generated by the 300+ children are likely to drown out any dialogue of said film)

Rule Number 2: Avoid early evening and weekend showings of said film if it has been in theatres for longer than a month. (These show times are aimed at families with very young children and parents with little to no control over their children)

Rule Number 3:. Enter at your own risk. (If you have ignored the above rules you have knowingly entered a temporary child kingdom and have forfeited any rights to a quiet evening and for all intents and purposes are at the children's mercy.)

You would think that of all people I would follow the above rules to the letter, unfortunately I blatantly ignored them when Helen and I saw RIO. The film itself was alright, unfortunately as we were in an early evening Sunday viewing we shared the cinema with 1 other adult and roughly 20 children in ages varying between 4 and 16.

The children were out of control climbing over seats from the back of the cinema down to the front and back up; stomping up and down the aisles, and throwing sweets (two of which hit me and inspired this little rant) and generally being disruptive; While I know the above rules, I don't think it is completely out of the question to hope that parents would instil some kind of manners into their children. God only knows what my own parents would have done to me or my siblings if we acted up half as much as these kids.

end rant...

As you may or may not know Helen and I recently moved in to our own place which is why this blog is about three weeks late, hopefully I will catch up and be back on track in the next few weeks.

Random Fact. Mandarin duck couples stop liking each other after their nest is built.

Sunday, May 01, 2011

52.17 Yeah I've got nothing.

Helen and I had a nice day, we went down to the sea side and saw a bunch of classic cars, including a couple of American classics. And after that we went to a friend's Bar-B-Que and met some awesome new people.
We have seen three more flats since my last post and really liked one, but we are not sure if our application will be accepted so we are waiting to hear back from the letting agent (real estate agent)