Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I Salute Her!

I am starting to think that insomnia might be a great motivator, I have slept a little under eight hours in the past three days and here I am writing all of you once again. Rocky is officially in officer in the Air Force now, that means (as she was so kind to point out to me once or twice yesterday) she officially out ranks me, and after being in the Air Force for a little over a month she makes more money than I do. I am really proud of her I knew she would be fine, but I am really happy that she stuck it out, trust me they did not make it easy for her. I am slightly bothered by the fact that today marks my five year anniversary in the US ARMY and some one who has been in the military one month makes more than I do, I am sure I will adjust. She went to the doctor again on Monday and she found out that she will be alright, she was worried that the recent accident might have an effect on her career but the Doc said most of the pain should be gone with in a couple of weeks... Talk about a relief!
There really isn’t too much going on around here, except for the fact that we are now at less than Thirty Days, Wahoo! The past couple of days we have been trying to get as much pre-redeployment tasks done as possible, in an effort to further that cause today while the night crew should have been sleeping we were forced to sit through multiple hours of briefings, I don’t want you to miss understand I am sure that these briefing are necessary and a couple of them might even be helpful, but mostly there just all Army covering it’s behind incase we come home and go all postal on our loved ones... Which we would never do, of course.
So my two team mates that are in trouble because of their party a couple of weeks ago are still waiting for their punishment, needless to say it is a little nerve racking for them as they don’t know at this point if they will be able to go back home with us. And that would really, really suck. I really don’t have too much else going on, sometime in the next couple of days I am going to have to pack up a couple of foot lockers to put in the con-nex, that is being sent back to the rear. I am going to end up mailing all of my DVD’s back home so that should be loads of fun... but at least that way they will be insured incase anything happens.

As I sit here in my room and contemplate how soon I will be home and with the woman I love in my arms, it is mind blowing to say the least. It is a little daunting but I think in good ways mostly. Once I get back I can start applying to some colleges and get started on trying to get my teaching certificate, I can hardly wait. Well I’m going to cut this short as I have to be getting to work soon. I hope that you are all doing well, I will see you all very soon.

Random Song Lyric of the Blog....

“ Every day I fight a war against the mirror, I can’t take a person staring back at me... I’m a hazard to myself, Don’t let me get me.... I’m my own worst enemy, Don’t want to be my friend no more, I want to be somebody else ”...
P!nk Mizzundaztood
31 days and Counting.... until boots on ground in Washington State!!!!!!!!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Beeper!!!

First and foremost all though i am not sure he reads this I want to say Happy Birthday to my younger brother who turns the big 25 today. I hope you had a great Day!There is an odd correlation between being right most of the time and being a pompous ass. The running joke currently is that I am almost right, in the past 12 months I only have a handful of memories of being dead wrong about anything, obviously the things that I am right about vary from time to time. The reason I bring it up now is that it seems that being right might cost me a lot of creature comforts in the future. I don’t have a lot of time to go into details but I wanted to tell you about a couple of things that happened last night that I found to be very amusing, First a couple of days ago Hard Hat was in a more pissy mood than normal, Apparently his girlfriend will not be joining us when we come home, (she will be delayed by a few weeks or so) This information put him in a very unpleasant mood and had him throwing tantrums the entire night that could have made a five year old blush. (At one point he was so annoyed that we were taking initiative he ripped off his rank saying it obviously didn’t mean anything, he later stapled it back on.. Child….) Any way last night Snowball (formally known as Tennessee) and I were doing the Fox patrol and our power-steering pump decided to burst shooting fluid and smoke all over… It was a beautiful mess… Hard Hat had to tow us to the motor pool with a make shift tow cable… that was quite the adventure considering I ended up in the vehicle being towed trying desperately not to slam into the rear end of the truck in front of me. No power steering apparently means no brakes either, so I spent the majority of the trip holding onto the E-Brake for dear life,
Rocky was in a car accident the other day, she was hurt but I think she is going to be alright. She found out that she is no longer going to be deployed, but her duty station has changed. She is now slotted to be stationed in Germany, so that should be interesting, I told her that distance has not yet proven to be too big of an obstacle so she shouldn’t worry about it all that much… I am excited for her, Germany is a beautiful country and given the opportunity is a wonderful place to see most of Europe..

Quote of the Day…
Everyone lies…. Even people who are dying, the question is never if they lie, but why they lie…
Greg House

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Summer Sabbatical

It seems recently that all I do is apologize in the first few sentences of my blogs, apparently I have a lot of apologizing to do. I would like to blame my recent sabbatical on writer’s block, which isn’t completely untrue. The truth is I have wanted to write, I have even done some brain storming, which is what I normally do before I write a blog. And yet every time I sit down I end up blank, even now as I sit here at work early on a Monday morning I am staring at a blinking cursor at the top of a page. Well I am almost home, I believe I have somewhere in the vicinity of forty one days or so, Is it odd that I’m not half as excited about being home for good as I was about my two week vacation? I know that some of it has to do with the fact that I have wanted to see Hawaii since I was old enough to realize that California wasn’t the center of the universe. Another part of it is that I will be getting out of the Army 90 days after I step foot back into Washington and I really don’t know what I want to do. You have no Idea how scary that realization is to your favorite author. There are a few things that I would like to do, I would love to go back to school and get my teaching certificate, I think I could enjoy being a paramedic, as I do enjoy helping people and I have a lot of training in that area already. And as weird as it is, I would kind of like to be a manager at a movie theater again. I know that isn’t exactly the most glamorous of occupations, but I can honestly say that in the 12 years that I have been a working stiff, the three years I worked at the theater in The AV Mall are the years I remember being the happiest. Don’t get me wrong the past five and a half years in the Army have been fun... No I’m lying most of the last five years have been the complete opposite of fun, but I have learned a lot about my self and what I am capable of putting myself through.
Okay in other news, Rocky is entering her final week of OCS Training (Officer Candidate School) I am pretty sure that Rocky is going to do well in the Air Force, She is miserable right now but she is one of the strongest people I know, unfortunately she is also one of the most stubborn, I am really glad that she is going to be an officer, she would have a really hard time on the enlisted side of the fence. When you’re an officer you are able to be sassy with out nearly as much headache. I am learning that there are a couple of draw backs to being in a relationship with two military members, Rocky will be heading to Iraq some time in December, until that time she will be doing more training in and around California. So we will be able to spend some time together before she leaves, which honestly is going to be really good for the both of us. Normally the Air Force only deploys for 4 months, although I have been hearing rumors that they are going to start doing longer deployments in increments of 6 months, 9 months, and even the dreaded year long suck fest. It is sort of an odd thing to have a relationship that is completely based on communication, I know every inflection in her voice, she would tell you that I know her mood with in three words of our daily conversations; she would be off by two words. There are a lot of things that I regret in my life, meeting this amazing woman and falling for her is not one of them.
And on this side of the planet, about 6 days ago a couple of the people on my team had a little party, by little I mean they had a smashing good time, unfortunately someone that they had only met that night that lives near where the party was held had a little too much fun, and ended up with alcohol poisoning (Technically there is no alcohol allowed while a soldier is deployed, I am apparently one of the few people who hasn’t drank on this base, technically that would make me a goody two-shoes... damn it!)
Anyway because of the soldier who got sick the guys on my team have found them selves in some trouble, which blows, especially since the kid who got sick, in an effort to keep his own arse out of the fire is trying to drop dime (rat, tattle, tell the grown ups, what ever.) on everyone else at the party. The two guys who are getting the most heat had their rooms searched and for one of them this led to a lot more trouble, there was some contraband found which means that in the past six days my two team mates have not had very much sleep. Now here is the kicker Hard Hat is our team leader, but instead of standing by the guys on his team he has acted appalled as though he is completely above reproach, and has gone as far to imply that the two guys should get the maximum punishment. (Which with the way things are looking, is probably a good possibility, at the very least they will probably lose money and Rank... And trust me this close to the end that really, really, blows... ) Aside from the obvious there is this little issue, if they don’t get read there Article 15's within the next couple of days they may not be able to go home when we all ship our happy little selves to that beautiful North West coast. Obviously this is not their idea of fun. The reason I brought up Hard Hat is because I’m really angry at him. He is so arrogant and freaking high strung. He freaks out if he feels that he is losing control in any shape way or form. He is quick to snap judgment on anyone if they have a lapse in judgment or make a mistake, or like in the case of my Party friends intentionally do something wrong. Here’s the kicker, He is knowingly breaking two UCMJ laws, and he’s bragging about it. I really didn’t mind in the beginning that is, I didn’t mind until it began to become a problem at work. I can’t really go into details but it really is making me crazy. In my opinion he has put him self in a position where he is not able to perform his duties. How can you lead a team of soldiers if one day everything is happy go lucky and the next day your moping and grumpy because your girlfriend didn’t smile extra bright when you walked in.
If you haven’t noticed I’m grumpy myself, I am truly sorry it has been so long since I posted a blog but I have been dealing with a lot of personal issues, Just know that I am near the end of the tunnel and I truly can see the light at the end. And that alone is a reason to celebrate.

Quote of the Day:
“Remember; remember the 5th of November, Gunpowder, treason and plot”
Guy Fawkes

So yeah that quote makes way more sense if you have watched V For Vendetta or if you know any history what so ever… eh I’m a freak….