Thursday, November 23, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving from the Lost Boy!

So hello every one. First and foremost I need to apologize for not returning anyone’s phone calls I swear I’m really not avoiding any of you. I am still technically in the army, I have very little responsibility to do with the Army, but I still belong to them, and I will officially be completely out of the Army Jan 11th of 2007. I started putting out applications as soon as we returned from Iraq and was lucky enough to find three places to hire me. I was hired at Circuit City, A Regal Cinema’s Theater, and a new Super Wal-mart that is do to open in Mid Dec. I had been balancing Circuit City the Theater and the Army for the past three weeks, but then I quit Circuit City, primarily because I was losing my mind, and a little because I didn’t approve of their sales tactics... but that is another story. So until next Friday I only have to balance the Theater and The Army. On the Thirtieth I start full time at the Wal-Mart so yay.... no sleep for Mr James. The Theater is a lot of fun, it is bigger than the last theater I worked at. And there does appear to be much more drama. Not to mention that when I started working at the first theater I was 19 and already on the older side of the average age, now at almost 27 im almost ancient to most of these 16 year old kids. There are a few people in my age bracket, but primarily I feel my age every day.
At least I have found yet another place to practice my falling down skills, and oh yes I do consider it to be a skill. So I did manage to get last Friday off to go out and celebrate McNaughty (formerly known as Tommi) and Pink Panthers Birthday’s. They both happen to have the same birthday which makes celebrating much easier for yours truly. So we did the club thing which I really haven’t done in a long while. I actually had a lot of fun. They drank and danced and had a lot of fun. It was all in all the most fun I have had since I have been back home. Well I had planned on this being a little more long winded but I need to get a bite to eat and get ready for work. Ahhh movie fun...

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend you are in my heart and I am thankful that each and everyone of you are a part of my life....

Not so Random Quote:
Nothing can be so amusingly arrogant as a young man who has just discovered an old idea and thinks it is his own.
Sidney J. Harris