Sunday, April 26, 2009

Day 5: Philly Spread

Today was the last full day of my trip. We went up to Philladelphia
proper, and met a couple of Laurie's college buddies, one of whom is a
pastor at a church. We woke up a little early so that we could make it
to his sermon. He is an excellent speaker. I haven't been to church
since my last tour of the Sandbox, it was really nice.
After church we went to Pat's king cheese steak joint. Which is
apparently the place to have a cheesesteak in Philadelphia. It was a
really good sandwich for a reasonable price, and we sat next to a
couple of girls that were nice enough to share their table.
When we finished lunch we headed to the Zoo. Mind you at two
o'clock in Philly today it was 96* and rising. The animals were mostly
lethargic but incredibly adorable.
On our drive back to Allentown Laurie and I went over the highlights
of our week, it has been an awesome week and a much needed vacation.

Random Fact: The Philadelphia city Zoo was the first Zoo in America!
They are celebrating their. 150th anniversary this year.
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