Thursday, November 05, 2009

"One Short Day in The Emerald City"

Miss Abbott and I decided to spend the day in Seattle, (the Emerald City). We had a bit of a late start but we managed to go and have an amazing tea latte at the tea house I mentioned the other day and then we headed into the city. We walked Pike's Market and went into my favorite geek store in the market. (It's a comic book store with ridiculous amount of schwag) It took a great effort to not buy all of the awesome Spidey stuff. We had a really nice chinese meal for lunch and then walked the 12 blocks up to the Space Needle.

It was a miserable and rainy day. But the view was beautiful. It was so windy at the top that I was able to lean forward at almost a 45 degree angle and not fall on my face. We took some great pictures and even some footage that will show up in a vlogtag video very soon. While we were standing in front of the needle I managed to take this shot, Link here Not bad for a picture I took with out looking with a phone...

Random Fact:
The entire worlds population could stand on the Isle of Wight

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