Monday, November 02, 2009

The last minute cleanings

After working another 11 hour work day I was exhausted when I got home today. And after half an hour or so of procrastinating I scrubbed my entire bathroom from top to bottom. While I was scrubbing my bathtub with the hot water running I was filling up my sink with hot water and Pine-Sol, which as it turns out over flows faster than you would think. Water was spilling out over the side and down the cupboards. It was all over the floor, and hilarious I only noticed because my socks were all of a sudden soaking wet. After I cleaned up that mess I finished the entire job. The floor is clean, the toilet is clean, the tub is clean... the sink is clean. Well I should say it is clean as long as "Douche" doesn't eff it all up.
I am so excited Miss Abbott will be here in nineteen hours!!!!! Tomorrow is going to be a hell of a day at work, I have to work a full shift before leaving to pick her up. We are going to have a nice dinner and then head home and watch a movie, as I am sure we will both be exhausted from our travels...
Random Quote overheard while at work: "I don't have a vagina; my mouth is my vagina." ~~~random guy in the next aisle.

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Helen said...

I am very excited too! You are a star of a boyfriend for cleaning everything. I love you.