Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The British Have arrived!!!

As you can see by the picture to the right, Miss Abbott has finally arrived to spend some quality time with yours truly. The night has been uneventful so far there has been cuddling and kissing, and then once I finally managed to get her to put Inara down we cuddled as well. We are getting ready to go to sleep while watching Ant Bully. As I write this Miss Abbott is lying down supposedly resting her eyes. Which means she will be fast asleep with in a matter of minutes.
Inara being the attention whore that she is seems to have taken to Miss Abbott very quickly. My dear cat also managed to lay on all of Miss Abbott's clothes as soon as she opened her Suitcase (which weighs a bloody ton I might add, I am pretty sure she smuggled some royal guards in her luggage.) I think other than not really approving of our cuddling Inara is going to enjoy having Miss Abbott here almost as much as I will.

My day had some humorous moments, the first involving a forklift two empty propane tanks and a number of back & forth trips with a set of very important Managerial Keys. The second involving an electric cart pusher and the incompetent employees responsible for it's maintenance. Horray for a tiny little cart pusher needing three 12 volt batteries daisy chained together in order to power it. The scary part of the second highlight is that I managed to fix for free what the mechanic had bid three days prior for $1200.00 Obviously I am in the wrong line of work...
Well I have been away from Miss Abbott for far too long and she is already far too quiet, so I am going to say good night I'll see you again tomorrow...

Random Fact: According to a recent scientific study children of mixed race heritage are less susceptible to emotional, mental and physical diseases. Due to certain racial immunities and the combined hybrid dominant genes. (Contrary to my brother having cycle-cell anemia)

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