Monday, November 09, 2009

Never push the Button...

Today was a bit hectic and in response this will be a short update. I went to work at 6:30 this morning and more or less faked ill so that I could go home early. I also plan to call in the next three days. When I finally did get home, Miss Abbott was getting ready as we had plans to meet Adam and Molly. Plans changed and we ended up rescheduling our day for tomorrow, so instead Miss Abbott and I decided to travel less and catch a movie.
The movie we saw was an absolute bore. The movie was titled "The Box", (a movie about how one choice, whether or not to Push a button, could seal your fate.) but trust me when I tell you it really isn't worth your time. After the movie we had an early dinner at Red Robin which unfortunately didn't sit well with either of us. In order to try and feel a little better we walked around the Not so SuperMall. Funny little side note about this mall They do not have any ATM's in the entire mall. That was just really odd to me. According to the customer service attendee the New Bank that took over the ATM service hasn't delivered the new machines.

After our uneventful walk we went and swapped cars with my brother and his wife as I had used his car for the impromptu road trip. We had a nice long conversation with them about our trip and Miss Abbott's adorable English pronunciation of words like Tudor and Cheetah... which sound very similar. And we made plans to hang with them again later this week. I am going to cook dinner for all four of us on Wednesday night. Fun!!!!

Random Fact: When Lightning strikes it can reach temperatures of up to 3-5 times as hot as the sun.

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