Thursday, November 13, 2008

I hate that.

I remember thinking earlier that I was really hungry. That was when I woke up. (At two pm this afternoon.) And then I remembered it was payday thursday, not to be confused by Pay day friday which is a lyric to a country song. So I took a shower and got dressed and eventually made my way down to work and picked up and cashed said pay. (sadly not very much money. but what can one expect?) After the check was cashed I decided to do some grocery shopping to hopefully appease the growling in my stomach although I did purchase some food I mostly purchased Liquids. 2 gallons of Iced Tea,1 gallon of Sunny D and  1 quart of Lemonade, I like to mix the Lemonade and iced tea to make my own arnold palmers. the point is that it is now ten after 8 in the evening and I still haven't eaten a damn thing... I hate that. 

Random impulse rental:
I have been watching a series of four trailers in the electronics department of my store for a little over two months I had seen all but one of the films being advertised and it has bothered me more and more each day that I hadn't seen the Spiderwick chronicles, so today on a whim I rented it, and watched it. It's cute. Reminded me of something my mother would no doubt enjoy. 


ADO said...

Oh, James!
You never cease to amuse me. So, you went grocery shopping and, regardless your growling stomach, you didn't buy food? But you DID have time to rent a movie.
You're an inspiration!


Nikki_xbr0kenb0ttle said...

I hope you eventually eat something :-P

And im glad you liked the movie...i must go see it now