Friday, November 14, 2008

The Mirror Maker

Five minutes ago I finished Paper Towns. I have put off reading it for nearly a month based solely on the fact that I was very afraid I would not enjoy it as much as I had heard everyone else had.  Thankfully my fears were very misplaced. John Green has crafted an amazing novel full of over powering heart, emotion and genuine happiness. In my opinion there are many people in our lives similar to the characters in this story, the fun part I imagine is figuring out which one we turn out to be. 

Random Fact Spigelman is the German word for Mirror Maker, as well as one of the driving characters surname. Truly a must read. 


Nikki_xbr0kenb0ttle said...

I wanna know what characters you pictured for what people


Anonymous said...

Adam, What are your plans Thanksgiving week? Still waiting for that email.