Sunday, October 05, 2008

when i was 7 years old.

When I was 7 years old my official bed time was 7 pm, I hated it, i thought it was ridiculous. I mean i lived in california, at 7 pm there was still two good hours of day light left outside. Two hours that I could have enjoyed doing what ever it is that second grade boys do... actually now that i think about it. It was probably in everyones best interest to keep close tabs on me at that age, I remember being very inquisitive. . . very, very inquisitive. The reason I bring this up is that it is 7:20 and I can barely keep my eyes open. 21 years later and 7 pm feels like my bed time again. I think i just died a little on the inside. 

Random Blonde Joke

A blonde was having financial difficulties and decides that she has to take some serious action, so she goes to the park and kidnaps a young boy and writes a ransom note...    'I have kidnapped your son. Leave $10,000 behind the old elm tree and your son will come to no harm...'She pins the note inside the boys jacket and sends him home. The next day sure enough there was $10,000 behind the tree and with it a note saying... I can’t believe one blonde would do this to another'.

Edit: the cartoon's significance is that I was 7 in 1987

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