Monday, October 06, 2008

The Deep V Diver

The title isn't relevant, i was just having a conversation about the weird names Men give their lower extremities and made that up on the spot. Now that you know that , the title is dirtier than you thought. A handful of people just rolled their eyes at their mental image of me. I have such power... LMAO 

  I did an interview today, i felt so bad for the prospective interviewee (is that a word?) it was her first interview looking for her first job. She said four words in 26 minutes, I did not  recommend her for the job. I have worked for this soulless company for less than two months and already i am in charge of hiring people...The power is tainting my good will. 

Random DVD find: i found Short Circuit 2 today... I was sooo excited...  

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goblinbox said...

My friend TR calls his "Mister Floppy."