Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Spot O' Tea

Holy Childhood Trauma Fatman, a blog entry three consecutive days in a row. Today is Payday at Wal~Mart, it is my personal opinion that this day is more of a day of sadness then happiness, because after working many, many hours when you see all of your hard labor in numerical form and with only three figures in front of the decimal point. One can't help but think of all of his or her bills that will barely be paid after investing so much of their energy time and yes lives into a beast that obviously couldn't care less. Needless to say even with 16 hours of overtime i am not impressed with my wages. It can not be helped at the moment, so I suffer on. 

    I went and bought a few groceries after leaving work early today. and while at the grocery store i was once again reminded at how much i hate cooking for only one person... So any single ladies out there looking for a man that can cook... Look no further.  I also finally bought a giant Cappuccino Mug so that I could drink my tea in a quantity suitable to my liking,  I have mentioned before that I wish I was british, I think my affection for Tea is a manifestation of that... I love tea with honey, though i do not understand the obsession of putting milk into it, i'm not quite that british... recently i have been occupying what little free time I have with the newest adventures of England's longest running series Doctor Who, it truly is a fantastic show... the writing is superb... and the Characters are incredibly sincere and intelligent. In Short me Like. 

Random fact of the Blog:
Attached Photo is of the many faces over the past 45 years of Dr Who

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