Friday, September 19, 2008

He Lies and Does Little, but he is so Hood!

The title of this blog will only make sense to like one person, who at the moment doesn't have access to a computer. That being the case I will explain, last night I watched My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn and Rex Harris... Fantastic movie, you might recognize Rex harris as the original Dr Dolittle AKA as the One before Eddie Murphy & Raven Simone effed it up. Audrey Hepburn's Character name is Eliza Dolittle which is a little weird now that i think about it. Do you suppose that Dolittle is a common name over in Jolly Ol' England, similar perhaps to our own Johnson or Williams? 
     I want to point out that it is nonsensical little rants like that, that make me refrain from so many posts in such a small time frame. This marks the fourth post in a row, holy cow i might have started a pattern. 

   A funny thing happened to me while at work today, aside from smashing my finger which amused the people around me but not me specifically. First about an hour after i got to work one of my employees started randomly talking to me about her church involvement and Singles group and so on and so forth i didn't really think anything of it until a little later when one of the Vendors (The Nabisco Guy to be precise) randomly quoted a bible verse to me, Specifically John 3:16 for God so loved the world He sent His only begotten son.... yadda yadda... Did I just yadda yadda a Biblical  verse... Yeah I did I'm hood like that, what of it... (for those not down with The Gangster Lingo, Hood is defined as cool or tough.  I think. Recently a song was made popular titled "I'm so Hood!" and it has sense become cool to refer to ones self as "Hood")  The thing that struck me as funny wasn't that someone randomly quoted a verse at me, it was my retort which was a paraphrased verse about not being hot or cold but Luke warm and spat from His mouth. The reason I found this funny is not my shock that i have retained some of it, but simply even when I was extremely active in the church i wasn't one to randomly spout anything biblical at all, I know a few folks who would think that this might be God reaching out to me, I'm not looking that deep into it... 
  In other news I am heading to get my hair cut and hang out with my little Bro and his wife to have a fun filled night of Boggle and card games... oh the fun we will have... LOL

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