Saturday, September 20, 2008

I bought Spore... you are jealous

I bought a computer game today, which is rare considering i have a Mac and there are something like 4 games on the planet that are supported by the Mac Operating system... Spore is made by the same company that made Sims and Sims 2 i played it for a little while today and it is somewhat amusing. the basic idea of the game is you create a species as an amoeba and follow it through it's evolution (see how i did that, Yesterday i talked about God and today I talked about evolution part of your daily well balanced blog.) 
     Work was pretty uneventful i managed to spend next to no time in my department. which in hindsight is probably not the best thing i could have done... The store inventory is this wednesday there are a lot of people that are really stressing over it. I have taken the "Eh what can you do" approach, I don't think my boss is excited about it. This is my concern see how it is empty and meaningless... LOL
   I am exhausted right now, I am practically falling asleep as i write this... short posts for the win, talk at you all tomorrow.... 

***EDIT***  I would also like to mention that it is my little brothers Birthday today as I mentioned i had dinner with he and his wife last night, we had home made  pizza and played Scene it ver 2... yeah be Jealous... grin 

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