Thursday, October 18, 2007

I.D. Theft, Crack Head Clues And A Robbery

So I have this funny little habit that I have picked up while working at the bank. I randomly hold peoples ID’s hostage. I don’t do it on purpose, although I think my co-workers are starting to think I might be. It has happened at least 5 times. And I really do feel terrible each time I do it. I just am so busy focusing on making sure the money is correct that I forget that I am supposed to give them their identification back. (Although yesterday I managed to give someone his id back and didn’t give him his money… the funny things I do… How often do you see a banker chasing someone trying to give them money?) Shrug. So my new living situation is interesting, on the one hand I have one roommate who is probably the sweetest person I have ever known. (she is too young so don’t go getting any idea’s) and on the other I have someone that I can see has a good heart, but it is hidden by her complete lack of consideration for others. The things this person does and the way she behaves is at times incredibly shocking to me, not to mention aggravating, but I think that everything will eventually work it’s self out as things have a habit of doing. And then downstairs I have two more roommates, a female who has a sense of humor similar to mine, (I think one day we are going to make the world cry as part of our diabolical plan) and then the most recent addition to our house. An older gentleman like myself, and I haven’t really spent too much time getting to know him as of yet. I only met him for the first time Monday night; he is thirty and has a ten year old. (His child won’t be staying with us, so I know even less about him.) Supposedly there are plans to have another female move in downstairs. I have met her once, she seemed nice enough, time will tell.
This past weekend was rather eventful; the roomies threw yet another party. (Our 3rd in the two weeks I have lived there.) All things considered it was a relatively small party with just a few people getting stupidly drunk. There were people passed out and vomiting inside a locked bathroom and other people drunkenly making out and some people that drunkenly set out on a pilgrimage down the very dark street at 2 in the morning. (Oh the fun we have.) For those of you who haven’t figured it out yet, I rarely if ever drink, there are the few occasions, (such as my two week trip to Hawaii) and once in a while if I’m not planning on going anywhere, or if I am not responsible for anyone else. I like to make sure that there is at least one person that is able to drive to a hospital if the need arises.

In other new house related news, we have been having some really odd experiences with crack heads, “Let me ‘splain, no there is too much, I’ll sum up” (It’s a quote from the Princess Bride) anyway a week after sleeping in the new house, at around 2:30 in the morning there was a random knock at the front door and then at my window (the closest window to the front door) when I answered the door there was a very frail woman possibly in her late thirties to early forties, that was crying about some letter that she had in her hands that she had supposedly gotten in the mail that day, (Crack Head Clue number one, it was a Sunday night) Through the screen door I talked to her and let her know that no one by the name of Darren currently resided in the house, (turns out Darren lived in this same house over 12 years ago, Crack Head Clue number 2!) She asked to come in and I less than politely said no… (I reminded her that it was two thirty in the morning and I wasn’t going to let her inside my house. It was probably said more colorfully than that, but this is a family blog.)After we closed the door we called the police and I went downstairs to check on the other roommate, to make sure she was alright, the cops came and we found out that they were very familiar with our house, (including the downstairs being a separate apartment!) Apparently back when our former mystery tenant Darren lived in the house he was dealing narcotics and the local PD had a nice little file on our address. (Imagine my Joy!) The cops looked around and searched for our little crack lady but apparently she had disappeared… About a week after that while I was asleep on the couch at 6 o’clock in the evening we had a different set of crack heads pull their vehicle into our driveway and look around, apparently they knocked on the door as well but I was completely unaware of it, luckily one of the girl’s brothers happened to come over at the same time and chased them off. Our downstairs roommate has had two experiences that she is convinced were crack heads but the evidence is circumstantial at best, the first was that her T.V. randomly turned itself off. She is convinced that the crack heads have her remote. (She bought the TV without a remote.) And the second experience is even vaguer; somehow a very large pair of shoes (size 12 and ½) randomly appeared in her foyer. She is convinced that the crack heads left them in her apt after their last excursion… (I like that she is way more paranoid than I could ever be.) There isn’t too much else going on in my life. I am still working both Jobs, all the while trying to figure out the whole dating situation outside of the bar scene. I have recently been addicted to a show on DVD that is no longer on TV, Veronica Mars it’s a Noir show set in high school, it’s really well written and has some awesome actors, if any of you out there are Fans of TV on DVD I would definitely recommend it, though I am warning you it is highly addictive! I think I have babbled on enough for this week I hope you are all doing well and I will talk at you soon.

Random Piece of Humor:
Bank Robbery
A couple of dumb hicks from West Virginia decide that they are tired of being poor and plan to go into Wheeling to rob a bank. They practice safe cracking for months until they are able to open any safe around.
Late one night they drive into Wheeling and go into the first bank they see. When inside to their surprise, they see dozens of little safes instead of one large one. They open one of the safes and inside they find a container of vanilla pudding but no money.
They eat the pudding and continue to open one safe after another only to find a container of vanilla pudding in each one. Around daybreak they still haven't found any money but are quite full from eating all the pudding so they decide to go home.
The next day the headline of the Wheeling Gazette reads "Sperm Bank Robbed"

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