Monday, May 01, 2006

Playing Doctor

The subject of my previous blog was Big Reds unfortunate accident. You might be amused to find out that even though I wasn’t able to help Big Red during the moment of his crisis. I have been delegated as his official out patient medic. It really isn’t as big a deal as I am making it sound. Basically it is my job to change his bandages every day. Let me tell you his finger looks nasty. It really is very gross. I felt so bad, it hurts him so much even to change his bandage. I would of never made it as an actual doctor. I feel so bad when I am causing pain to someone else. Ironically I can cut someone to the bone verbally and not feel bad at all. Eh sticks and stones my arse. So in order to make things as complicated as possible, the doctors gave Big Red a huge roll of these new finger bandages. It seriously took me like fifteen minutes to figure the damn things out. If you had any idea how embarrassing it is to admit that I was nearly out smarted by a roll off cotton weave bandages. Sheesh. Last night Barbie and The Invader got into a nasty little fight that ended with both of them needing stitches. I haven’t gotten the full story yet but according to a couple of different sources The Invader was goading Barbie on, talking a whole lot of crap. Apparently after a while he finally said to much. The invader received the large majority of the beating, and apparently the stitches that Barbie received were more precautionary than necessary. The Invader was not so lucky apparently after Barbie head butted him repeatedly (yes, head butted, Barbie is a tough Sob even though he barely weighs over a buck fifty) Apparently I’ll be changing more bandages than I had previously thought.
I finally got my IPOD in the mail today. Wahoo!! I haven’t really started messing with it yet as I am sure that once I start I will be sucked in for a number of hours. I really can’t tell you how excited I am to have yet another gadget, even if it is one of the most trendy gadgets currently on the market. Mine is black which makes it just a little more cool. It has 30 gigs of memory. I realize that all of you could probably care less but I am so very excited about it. Is it possible to be addicted to gadgets? Do you think there is a Gadgets Anonymous? I am truly a tool.

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This is as light as a feather, yet no man can hold it for long.

22 Days and a Wake up!


Anonymous said...

So Glad You Get To Go On Vacation ... I hope You Have a Great Time. M Duck

Gram & Gramps said...

Your breath!! Mine too!!

Hopefully all of my wounds will be healed by the time you get here. I managed to stab my left thumb with my right thumbnail while trying to attach my cell phone to my belt this morning, Go figure.

Love you

Gram & Gramps