Monday, April 03, 2006

Infiltrated by the Invader

“Well hell.” That was my initial reaction to what I found in my room after work today. I don’t know if I have mentioned this but I have had my own room since we first arrived here at Tallil. I was one of the few, the proud that could say that and I was the lowest ranking person to have my own room. There are Senior NCO’s that have been in the military over 16 and 17 years that currently share their rooms. Needless to say I have been the subject of conversation on a number of different occasions in the past two months. Well that all changed today, some time after one pm. (I know this because I was in my room at thirteen hundred and it had not yet been infiltrated.) As I was going off shift, RFG in a very sing song voice said.... “You have a roommate...” And then he laughed. What a meanie! So that put me in the best of moods really... no not really. I was pretty grumpy. In fact I would of put Snow White’s little friend to shame. Now don’t get me wrong I was not foolish enough to think I would have my own room for the remainder of the time that I was here. (Although that had crossed my mind as I slowly strolled down wishful thinking lane.) I had hoped however that when I was finally given a roommate, I would have ample time to put my things away so he wouldn’t feel like he was uninvited. (Ignore the obvious fact that I sure as hell didn’t send out any invitations.) So as I walked into my room at 830 this evening and found all of my stuff tossed haphazardly onto my bed my quiet reaction mostly under my breath was “Well hell.” My new roommate. (Who from now until I can think of a more suitable moniker I will refer to as The Invader.) Is from some where in California. He did mention the exact city but either I didn’t care enough at the time to pay attention or it has slipped my mind. Wow do I sound bitter or what? All in all he seems like a nice enough kid. He is new to the Army and is obviously a little scared to be here. He has a girlfriend.. (It seems as though I am the only one who doesn’t recently. Ahhh more bitterness...) And already has a picture of his grandparents and mother up on his wall... How very sweet. I promise I will do my best to let him feel welcome, And I will schedule the necessary surgery to remove what ever it is I have stuck up my fifth point of contact. (That would be my rear end for all you non military types playing the home game.) The sad thing is I think a part of me was hoping I’d get a female roommate. While I know that they would never do that it was another nice little walk down wishful thinking lane. So far the only thing that I can see as bothering me is that he has been eating pistachios since he got back and has been putting the salvia dripping shells into his DCU hat. And EWWW!!!!!! I swear if he’s wearing that tomorrow I might vomit at an unexpected velocity. Grin

This Just In:
P-Dale came back today!!!! At least there is something to be happy about. All in all I’m pretty happy I had a decent day at work trading sex stories with my next door neighbor. Wow that was a little more revealing than I had planned. Sigh. Anyway when I saw P-Dale today I picked her up and spun her around in lots of circles I was so very happy she was back.

Random Fact Of The Day:
There are 89,400 seconds in a day, and my new roommate made ever one of them seem like an eternity.

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