Sunday, April 02, 2006

The Gnats Are Making Me Go Nuts

I can’t believe all the little crap that has happened in the past few days, I have been super busy which is why I haven’t posted before now. So the first thing that I can remember is the rather interesting issue I had with one of the hummv’s the other day, as I was driving my designated route it became increasingly difficult to turn. Almost impossible actually. As soon as I got to a spot that I could stop with out sinking in to the very soft mud I attempted to check the power steering fluid (bow at my extensive vehicle knowledge, bow!!!) And I didn’t get that far, somehow (I have no idea how it could have happened)
not only had the power steering belt broken but so had 3 others, I have no idea what they all do, but it seems very odd to me that they would all break at the same time. I have came to the conclusion that the most likely chain of events is that one belt broke and as it whipped about snapped the other three, or maybe it set off a chain reaction. But that was fun, Around this same time, maybe it was the next day RFG was sucked into some kind of mini war with one of the other NCO’s. For what ever reason the two of them are going slightly crazy they can hardly be in the same place for longer then ten minutes, although now that I think about it that seems to be a pretty common chain of events between a lot of people, I myself can think of a couple of people that I purposely avoid so that I don’t have to watch my tongue. I don’t know how many of you are aware, but it has been said more than once that I can have quite a sharp tongue. A trait I proudly inherited from my mother. Although her tongue had the gift of gab and story telling. Where as mine if left unchecked has an unnatural ability to cut some to the core. Hence the reason I write a blog instead of going into politics or some other public speaking type of career. At least in these imaginary pages I can truly speak my mind. I have come to a conclusion about the insanely stupid amount of gnats around here, Here is my theory It rains gnats, now bare with me for a second, when you squish them it feels a little bit like a drop of water, and they are a hell of a lot worse directly after it rains. So here it is, in Iraq it rains gnats, thousands and thousands of little very annoying gnats. And oh my holy gawd they are annoying. The absolute worst is when they crawl into your ear. I swear the other day I had four of them through out the day crawl in there and have a party... Unfortunately they decided to use my ear drum as a winged percussion instrument. So not cool. Let’s see what else. I have decided that I will be going to Hawaii for leave and I’ll be staying in the Hale KOA (Thank you Grams for the heads up on the hotel.) Not to sound like a cheap skate but that hotel has a special deal with soldiers on leave from Iraq, they give an additional 30% off their rates. So wahoo full ocean view and a vacation on the islands. And the only sand I’m going to see will be attached to lots and lots of water. Hmmm make that gnat free water. Grin
The only down side to this wonderful bit of information is that I still have no idea when exactly I’ll be taking leave. Which is only sort of completely making me crazy. As I’m sure you could guess not knowing means that until I do I can’t make flight reservations, hotel reservations or even car rental reservations... grrr freaking Army and their last minute ethos. In other news I have managed to make myself look rather imposing at work, I have attached my ASP to my shoulder which gives it a very threatening look as well as a few other do dads that I have found here and there. I’m hoping it makes me look more authoritative, the reality is that I more than likely resemble a bag lady with a taste for weaponry. Eh what ever works... I just ran into Brownie which means P-Dale should be back soon... Hooray! Last night RFG, Barbie, myself and a previously unmentioned friend (We’ll call him Ducky from here on out.) all got together last night. It was the first time we had an opputunity to hang out since we have been in Tallil. So it was good for us. We played cards, we had pizza and well mainly we vented on all the crap we deal with at work. For some unknown reason the war that started between RFG and the other NCO has very subtly seeped into a sort of standoff between the two shifts. Hopefully that will be ironed out soon enough... And if not at least I have my high powered rifle... Grin

Random Quote Of The Day:“When people think your insane and you’re holding a high powered rifle, they tend to do what ever you ask”.~~ Lex Luthor - Smallville

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Gram & Gramps said...

Still haven't got all the glitches our of the E-mail. Great news!! Didn't know about that 30% discount, just knew that they have special military rates and only allow military at the hotel (also families as long as they are with military). Let us know if you receive two E-mails that we sent today. They show in our "sent" files but McAfee said they were blocked from going out.

Looking forward to your leave.

Love you.

Gram & Gramps