Wednesday, March 29, 2006

So Many Gadgets, So Little Time

It has come to my attention that my room looks like something out of a Popular Science Article, In my room right now I have My TV/ DVD Player almost two hundred DVD’s two Xboxes (one chipped to play copied games, and one regular) something close to fifty games, at least 15 of which are as of yet unopened, my Sony PSP which is charging, my lap top and my newest toy, get this... I bought a pair of sunglasses at the Haji Shop that have a built in MP3 player in the arms of the glasses, so now I can look cool and Jam with Toby Keith. It doesn’t have a lot of memory (256mb) But it is enough to go through my normal work day at least once. Aren’t I just so High tech with my cool gadgets???? Not so much. I also bought an ASP at the Haji shop. (So very cool.) An ASP is an extending baton that Police use as a non lethal weapon, It has many practical uses not the least of which is it will make a great car defense tool. As opposed to the crowbar that is currently under most of your seats. The bouncers used ASP’s in Germany mainly to knock around drunk Americans. They are very effective. I rationalize this purchase on a number of levels, The first being I am currently working as a reserve MP which means I might have to restrain someone and I would prefer not to point my weapon if I don’t have to. Secondly remember that I want syndrome I was talking about before??? I want. I buy. So I was a good boy today I wrote something like 4 snail mails. I don’t know why but I have the hardest time writing regular letters. I swear my hand starts cramping. Which is funny because I can type for hours at a time. Go figure. Hmmm maybe I should buy a printer..... I’ll have to give it some thought. So I have narrowed my choice of leave down to two choices, Hawaii to meet and spend time with my grandparents, and probably scope a lot of really attractive Hawaiian women. Most of whom will probably ignore me but I can deal with that. My second Choice is the lower east coast, I have a couple friends who live in South Carolina that I haven’t seen since the last time I was in Iraq. Plus I’ll be somewhat close to Florida and I can do the whole Orlando thing. And scope out really attractive Floridian women. What can I say I’m an equal opportunist. At this point I am leaning towards Hawaii but I want to make sure it’s alright with all parties involved. I am super excited about leave. I have a really good feeling about this vacation, no matter where it might lead me. So there was some major rain last night, along with some wicked (yeah that’s right wicked.) Lightning storms. The only thing that sucks about this is as soon as it rains our entire area turns into a giant mud bowl. One of our vehicles (not mine) got stuck because the driver was pulling doughnuts in the deeper mud. He got so stuck that our supervisor had to use a wrecker to pull them out. Because of that little incident our supervisor wasn’t able to pick up dinner chow so my tummy is making funny sounds. And with that fascinating tidbit I’m outie.

This Just In:
P-dale & the Mexican should be back no later than Saturday. I am so excited to get them back. Although one of my new buddies will be going back to his normal job. I am getting two of my favorite people back at work. The rumor mill (or scuttlebutt if you will) is that there might be some newcomers heading our way as well that would be excellent!!!!

Random Fact Of The Blog:
Twinkies originally had a banana-cream filling until WWII when there was a banana shortage.
Yum Twinkies...

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Gram & Gramps said...

We can't speak for the Hawaiian kine ladies, but your possible plans to come here are fine with us. We only have 1 bedroom but we do have a new sofa that you could sleep on if you don't want to stay at the Hale Koa (that's the one that is for Military only & has low rates for all you guys).

I want, I want, etc. I want a BMW convertible and a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath home on the side of a low hill overlooking the ocean & NO MORE RAIN.

Fat chance of any of the above happening. We are in our 40th day of rain and Gramps just called me to say that there is a car stuck in a deep puddle on Nimitz Hwy which is the way I go to pick him up after work. I told him he'd better take a cab home like he did yesterday. No way do I want to drown in one of the puddles.

Love you.

Gram & Gramps