Friday, March 17, 2006

Introducing... Pimp Daddy,Daddy Mack

Everyone plays mind games. Yes even you. Everyone denies that they play these games because they feel it somehow paints an incorrect picture of the type of person they are or the type of person they are trying to become. I am not exempt from this accusation if anything I am a by the book example. As you may have noticed I have a tendency to ramble on. If you think this is bad at all you should try spending twelve hours stuck in a military vehicle with me. I talk a lot. My mother talked a lot while I was growing up, in fact I’m pretty sure that both my Father and my Dad (That sounds much better don’t you think? Although in this sentence it is slightly confusing.) Would say that she continues to talk a lot. Well maybe not my Father as they don’t exactly spend much time talking together or any for that matter. How odd is that? I mean think about it, regardless of whether or not they are still together you would think that sharing the whole we made a child thing would at least encourage two people to stay in some kind of contact with one another. I don’t know if it is the best way to do it but for my birth parents it works. I do know that my Dad, (Ted, for those of you playing the home game.) Would be able to testify that I with out any doubt take after my mother and her loquaciousness (Gee Whiz that was an unnecessarily big word) and I’m sure that has to be one of the things he loves about her. But I digress, as I have made painfully clear I am a very loquacious person. I used to believe that I was this way in front of everyone. That changed today as the new guy that I’m training was such a (enter string of nonsensical bad words here) All he talked about all day was sex. And not in a fun way, he made it seem like a laundry list. Almost as though he had to prove to me that he is a man. (Personal Note: To any guys reading; anytime you feel the need to prove you are a man... You are not.) Back at Ft Lewis I lived next door to this guy and he did constantly have young women over, all this proves is that most young women have very bad taste in men. Hmm I think I am coming off a little cynical so I’m going to move on to the next amusing conversation we had right before the end of shift change. The same new soldier who from this point on I will refer to as Pimp Daddy, Daddy Mack. Or P.D.D.M. (If you can’t see the sarcasm dripping from that nickname you should have your prescription upgraded) Had started ranting about how hard it was to be a young black man in the world today. Now in my defense I agree that there are some places in our own country where this is true and being that he is from the center of one of those places (Georgia) I can see where he would think that. His problem and the reason it started my rant was he couldn’t understand why a sales clerk at a gun store “had a problem selling a pistol holder to a young black man for his pistol” (his words) and then directly afterward he said “I’m not one of those punk kids that carries a gun to look hard”(punk kid slang for tough, grin) And so I asked him because I ask the tough questions: “Why do you carry a pistol?” and I swear if I’m lying I’m dying he said “Because I am hard.” I swear to you I laughed out loud right after he said that, spit my fruit punch Gatorade all over my steering wheel. I’m pretty sure it came out of my nose. He was instantly offended like I didn’t believe he was hard... I haven’t laughed that hard in a long while. I believe you believe you are hard... I just think it’s similar to the man thing. I am pretty sure in any situation if you feel the need to prove something about your self, you probably aren’t what you are trying to prove... After that I decided to see if I could get his feeling on racism in general and so I asked him if he thought the NCAAP Scholarship (Only African/Americans are eligible) was a type of racial bias, or if thought BET (Black Entertainment Television) was a racist network. He said no on both counts, and then I asked him if I started a scholarship for fat white Americans would that be racial bias, and If I opened a network catering to white folk and called it White Entertainment Television (WET, grin) would that be racist. His short answer for both was yes, He did make me laugh again when he said there are white people on BET. I told him I am not trying to turn it into a racial right or wrong but it seems to me that there are some instances when things are taken too far. By the end of the shift we were laughing at how some people take things out of context and make huge noise out of something that is probably a misunderstanding. I don’t want any of you to think I have some sort of racial agenda Just thought I would share some of the things we talk about at work on a daily basis... Life is too short to be caught up in a world fighting itself.

This Just In:
Apparently I will be taking leave this deployment ( I was told previously that I wouldn’t be able to as there were so many people that needed to and I had volunteered to be one of those that could go the whole year with out a vacation.) So here is your mission, I would like your suggestions on where I should go, I don’t know the exact time frame yet, but I believe it will be some time between May and August. How is that for vague? I don’t really want to go home because I plan on spending a month there when we get back from Iraq in October. So please send me some Ideas, I just found out I can get a passport over here so there is no limit where I could go.

Random AMAZON.COM purchase that came in the mail today.

An XBOX Game: Need For Speed: Most Wanted-Black Edition A game where I get to drive fast and out run the police in ridiculous high speed chases. Ahh the simple pleasures of life.


Gram & Gramps said...

You have just proved that our Ted certainly did the right thing when he married your mother and brought you and your brothers into this family. When Gramps reads this blog, he is going to roar with laughter.
Yes, "Dad" sounds a lot better.
Of course, we have to be the typical, selfish grandparents - come to Oahu. Remember, the big Spring Show is May 5th & 6th, with a really special brunch party on May 7th. It's a whole three day weekend kind of thing. There is nothing we would love more than to have you here for that weekend(and Trey and Clipper too, if only they could). Of course, anytime between May & August would be fine too.
Now, to be fair, we fell in love with New Zealand when we went there in 2004 for the Pan Pacific Barbershop Conventionand you would probably love it too.

Be sure to check other, earlier blogs too for new comments.

Lots of love

Gram & Gramps

Mr. Brooks said...

Well, one thing Adam, is you are my first born. I don't need to keep in contact with someone that shared a kiss and wink with.