Saturday, March 18, 2006

Attack Of The Audio-Virus

This Just In:
I realize today is not a normal blog day but I had to make you all aware while I have the chance. In an effort to better our internet resources our internet access is closing in approximately thirteen hours give or take. The reason for the closure is for the move across the street into the bigger and better equipped area. It is not known how long the facility will be closed but it is believed that it will be between 72 hours and a week, I promise to continue writing my entries and I will just post them at my first opportunity. In other news I have discovered a previously unknown talent. I believe I have spoken previously about the problem I refer to as audio-virus. (The clinical definition of which is if I hear any part of a song I with out fail will have it stuck in my head for an undetermined amount of time.) Apparently I can pass this virus onto other folks with in my vicinity, as I witnessed today. The gentleman that I will hitherto refer to as Big Red (because of his ginger hair color, that means red you wanks*!) suffered all day through my field experiments. To test my theory I started subtly at first singing the beginning to every long and annoying song I could think possibly think of. I first hit pay dirt with the theme song to Hawaii 5-0. And then the theme song to Bonanza (partially because I am an evil man) and then Whitney’s Did you ever know? Along with The Song That Never Ends and a few other favorites. Needles to say Big Red went home more Red in the face than in hair color. Grin I hope to be back in touch soon and I will keep you all as informed as I possibly am able.

Random Act of Stupidity I suffered today:
So as I was going to step out of my vehicle my foot some how managed to get caught up in my weapon sling and I fell flat on my back . The worst of it is I was wearing all of my gear and as hard as this is to admit I very closely resembled a turtle when it is overturned. Sigh... the things I share with you people. Does it every worry any of you that almost every person here carries a semi-automatic weapon including yours truly??? In truth it worries me a tad more than I will readily admit.

* The author would like to ask you to forgive his use of the British slang term for Americans, He has discovered that many women find the British accent sexy and he has decided to pull out all the stops.... grin, can you blame me????

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Gram & Gramps said...

Did you try "Supercali----etc.,etc., on him??? And how long did it take you to get that one out of your head?

How did you manage to catch your FOOT in your weapon sling?!?!?!?

Lots of love

Gram & Gramps