Friday, March 24, 2006

I Want, I Want Syndrome

Here I sit making my jaw sore chewing on a huge bag of Skittles (Taste the rainbow.)Watching Smallville and racking my brain on where to begin. We had a very interesting day, by interesting I mean we had an emergency/crash landing right outside the perimeter. There weren’t any serious injuries, there were a few with some bumps and bruises, I didn’t get a chance to interview them. Don’t I sound professional? The last few days have been uneventful for the most part I had to work with a couple of people that I would rather not, but in my entire life I don’t think I have ever had a job where I liked everyone. I bought a Sony PSP today. I really don’t have a valid reason for buying it. In fact I claim that I have an infliction that many young children have until they are told no repeatedly. I like to refer to it as “I want, I want” syndrome. Unfortunately for me I have complete and total control over what I am allowed to have and seeing as I very rarely tell myself no. (Unless I happen to be attracted to someone and then all I hear myself say is no, no, no.) The long and short of it is. I want I get. It is really very therapeutic. Hmmm right now I want girlfriend. I just can’t see myself buying a girlfriend. As much as the hopeless romantic in me would like to believe that I would be as lucky as Richard Gere was 15 years ago... I haven’t seen very many Julia Roberts Look-A-Likes roaming around Iraq. Hmmm only Julia Roberts could portray a street walker (the oldest profession in the world) and make it seem glamorous. By the by P.T. is an army acronym for Physical Training, similar to P.E. in school... only it is required and it isnt as much fun, A happy little side note about that, Apparently a lot of people were not doing well during their tests last week, so now we have mandatory PT at 0530 before work every morning..... Oh the Fun!!!!!!!!!!

This Just in:
So it is official “Off Limits” is here at Tallil. I saw her this morning and even spoke with her. Actually I spoke at her. If I am completely honest I yelled in her general direction. Once again I recognized her back before I saw her face. I told everyone around here that I was completely over her... And apparently I am full of crap. I see her and I get flutterbys in my tummy. Yes flutterbys what of it? Ah well matters not she is way out of my league. So for now I shall just admire her from afar.

Random fact of the day:

I haven’t had any facts in a while so I thought I would lay a couple on you today

In 1988, Indiana stripper Cynthia S. Hess -Known professionally as Chesty Love- became the first person to receive a tax deduction for breast implants. ---Hmmm no comment

Top Five most obese countries in the world...
Percentage per capita

1. U.S.A. Obesity Rate 30.6% By 2008 it will be 39%

2 Mexico Obesity Rate 24.2% In the last decade Mexico’s obesity rate has ballooned 158%

3.United Kingdom Obesity Rate 23% Almost 2/3rds of men and half of the women are over weight or obese,

4. Slovak Republic Obesity Rate 22.4 % I don’t even know where this country is. 5. Greece Obesity Rate 21.9% Apparently all the statues of the ripped Greek gods were just

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