Saturday, February 11, 2006

Some Times We Sing...

The past two days have been a sort of transition for us; On the one hand all crews are now working day hours. Needless to say those that have been on the night shift for the past 3 and a half months are having some slight sleep issues, shown mostly in how we are handling our down time. But I am getting ahead of myself. first I need to explain why we are working the new day shift, The higher ups in their great wisdom (read complete stupidity) Have decided that our services in this location our no longer needed (incorrect) so for the past week or so, bit by bit we have been tearing down our not so little fuel site. There are a couple of upsides that come from this decision, we will be moving further south which is technically a "safer" area. Technically but not actually, (truth be told the insurgents don't actually care where we are, and if they want to get our attention they will go where ever they please) Another good thing coming from our move, I will once again be in a trailer, although this little tent has grown on me since I first stepped foot in it two months ago. RFG and Barbie will now be getting to live in trailers for the first time which I am sure makes them just giddy, or it would if either one of them were able to get giddy. So back to my explanation as I said we have been slowly been taking the site apart for the past week and Yesterday the decision was made to put the plan into full swing so at 9:00am we all met at the office and piled into our little hummv's and headed out to the site, we busted our little bums for three hours and decided to call it a day (we really had accomplished quite a bit, way sooner than our leadership had anticipated so they let us go earlier than planned) On the way back to our tents I was in the vehicle with Barbie, another Palmdale soldier who from now on will be referred to as "Small Spice" as I am sure she will love that. And another female soldier whom will hither to be known as "So Sexy" (because she is constantly saying how sexy I am, I am almost positive that she is kidding). As I was saying In the Hummv on the way back was Barbie (a boy) Small Spice (a girl) and So Sexy (a girl) and my self and out of nowhere we decided to sing songs from the third grade (I should say we attempted to sing songs from the third grade mainly we mangled them, we sang everything The wheels on the bus, The national anthem, this land is my land, and of course 99 bottles of beer, and a couple more that are currently slipping my memory. So today I think most of us went to work thinking we would be done by lunch, and not so much. We went to work an hour earlier and worked until about 5:45 pm. Don't get me wrong we took breaks and had a decent 35 minute lunch (some took more breaks than others, every time I see someone light a cigarette I want to stab them with a blunt a spoon. spoons should really be used more as a murder weapon don't you think?) Anyway during one of those lows of activity Barbie decided to do a bit of grandstanding by singing to us a selection of different songs (at one point he sang almost the entire Another one bites the dust by Queen) there were other moments of people singing I don't remember all of what they sang but at one point or another today the following people all sang something, Small Spice, The Man with the Big V-8, RFG (while in the shower after work) and of course me... I prefer to sing girly songs. Particularly because it makes people batty. Grin.

Random Fact of the Blog:
Native Americans used earwax as chap stick.... so uh, yeah... yuck. I myself I use Cherry flavored Chap Stick, but that’s me, I'm a rebel.

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Gram & Gramps said...

Just a little reminder---Don't forget to fill your tank---Ha!Ha! Couldn't resist that one! Please let us know your new address as soon as you have it. It's 0730 here and Gramps is getting ready to go to the Royal Hawaiian Hotel with his quartet (Honolulu Four) to deliver a Singing Valentine to the wife of a man who is somewhere over where you are. He ordered the Valentine via E-Mail. If you happen to come across a guy named Traylor (last name) you might tell him that your gramps was a member of the quartet that delivered the Vallentine. That is the only one he's doing today. Tonight he'll be working with a couple who are trying to stop smoking (Maybe we should send him over to you to help your friends stop smoking---no, he has to stay here with me).

Take care & keep us posted.

Lots of love

Gram & Gramps