Monday, February 13, 2006

Good Night Scania...

Some days just suck. Today really all in all wasn’t a bad day, although there were some stupid bad moments. I found out today that I will be one of two people hitching a ride down south tomorrow. Which means that today is technically my last day in Camp Scania, Which I am not altogether thrilled about… They don’t know what time I’m leaving but I have to be ready to go at 0900am. Actually I am not complaining about that. Honestly that could have been much worse, my problem comes from the fact that after I had packed all of my stuff, (You would not believe how much crap I have accumulated in the last four months.) I was told I was only able to bring one of my bags along with me. Which means I had to unpack practically all of my bags, (which include two duffle bags one rucksack three foot lockers and a tv and my black backpack.) And rearrange them so that the one bag I’m bringing will be able to hold all the crap I might need for the next week or two. Because in my unit when they tell you something is going to happen in a day or so they mean two to three weeks. I did manage to make a fool of myself in the shower again today. If you are polite you will pretend to be surprised at this point. This is a two part story first of all I have one particular stall that I prefer to use. It has the best shower head and well darn it I like it. (I swear to you I am dragging my feet towards a point.) Anyway I stepped into my stall put my shower gel and what I thought was my shampoo (I’ll get to that in a minute) on the little ledge and went to put my towel on the little hook and the guy in the stall next to mine has his towel on his hook and his underwear on my designated hook. (If you don’t know already I am sort of neurotic.) Anyway I made a comment about how some people are so inconsiderate. I kind of shrugged it off and put my towel on the shower stall across from me. I guess senor underpants heard my comment because he knocked my towel onto the ground on his way out. Some people sheesh. So while I was in the shower I attempted to wash my hair, I poured what I thought was the shampoo into my hand and rubbed it in, but for some reason it wasn’t lathering up, so I thought I must not if used enough shampoo so I poured more of what I thought was shampoo into my hand and after massaging into my hair and trying to figure out why it still wasn’t lathering up it suddenly dawned on me that I was putting lotion in to my hair. Now in my defense both that bottle of lotion and my shampoo are white bottles with blue caps, the bottles aren’t identical but as I said before it has been a long day… Ah well at least my hair is smoother than normal. So yesterday I sat on a camel. Yep a real live camel I took pictures and everything, this is a huge deal, the last time I was in Iraq I didn’t see one camel the entire year I was hear. I wanted to actually ride the camel but the haji guy only let me sit on it. Eventually I will be able to put pictures on this blog and I will put them up. I also got to feed a baby camel, oh so very cool. I am such a complete tool.

Random quote of the day.

“I wish I had an answering machine for when I’m walking around town and I run into someone I don’t want to talk to. I can just say ‘I’m sorry I’m not in right now please leave a message so I can walk away’ ” Jerry Seinfeld - Seinfeld


Gram & Gramps said...

Your day sounds similar to Gramps on this last Saturday. We were headed to Hallmark's at Ala Moana (1 mile straight down from our place) and Gramps got into the wrong lane that made us turn right & head downtown so he decided that we could take a short-cut through McDonalds and back the street we should have been on. Did I mention that this happened at noon??!! 25 minutes later we were finally headed in the right direction - got our cards and headed to a Safeway that we don't usually shop at but they have veggie (faux cheese) slices that our regular Safeway doesn't have). After we got everything Gramps pointed to a check-out stand and said "that one looks like it will be fast, people only have a few items" and went out to pick up a paper and wait for me in the car. 30 minutes later I told him what he didn't see - a sign that said "clerk in training". Not only that, the customers in front of me (3) didn't seem to know how to make their debit cards work and neither did the clerk.

Boy, am I having fun with this. Now, when Gramps says "I think this or that" I say "Oh really, and there's a shortcut through McDonalds too".

Love you.

Take care

Gram & Gramps

dr. fish said...

your grandparents seem great!!! lol i never got to meet them. i definitely have to laugh at the shower scene. i so can picture that happening. thats way cool about the camel though. ive always wanted to see a real one and sit on one. very cool!!!!