Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Reasons We Push It...

I am sure I have mentioned this once or twice but if not here it is again... I work outside the secured perimeter; for lack of a better description we basically run a fuel point on a Main Convoy route through Iraq. The reason I bring this up is because Last night on the way to our little point our vehicle ran out of fuel. Now before I get to the heart wrenching part of this I am going to give you an opportunity to laugh at us. I mean we run the darn point for goodness sake, apparently the shift before us either thought we had enough that it wouldn't be a problem or just didn't bother to check the gauge before they left the point. Whatever happened, the vehicle ran out of gas a little less than half a mile from the point. Now it isn't that we had to push it. (Infact a couple of people asked why didn't we just walk up to the point and get the other vehicle to drag it.) At the time it didn't really look all that far away... It turns out that pushing an up armored HUMMV is much, much, much more difficult than either of us realized. We did do it though. (Which explains my sore lower back and legs) There we are pushing this behemoth of a vehicle at something like a mile an hour I’m sure, everyone that we have told so far has asked us a hundred common sense questions like: Why didn't you walk up and get the other two to help you push? What about the other vehicle? Didn't anyone stop and ask if you needed help? And the answers we gave: We thought we could make it. It didn't really seem that far. We weren't sure if we had the required items to be able to tow said vehicle. And No, no one stopped and asked if we needed help. I want to say thank you to Miss Rebecca Bradford for the Valentines Day Package and for the cheesy snacks... yum

Random Fact of the day: The Male Seahorse carries the baby to term! When a female deposits her eggs (about 200) into his pouch, he carries the eggs in his “belly” until they hatch. Each pregnancy lasts about 2-3 weeks. Length of pregnancy varies with species and water temperature. Once the male gives birth, he usually becomes pregnant again right away. How's that for Affirmative Action?

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Gram said...

I decided to check your blog before doing my less than favorite chore -- Ironing. After reading your blog, I am not sure if I am more worried about your safety than before (as if I wasn't worried enough before)or laughing too hard to safely iron Gramps' uniform shirts. Why would anyone think there was anyone out there to offer help? That isn't exactly friendly territory is it? Might I ask why one of you didn't take some sort of container and walk the 1/2 mile to get some fuel and bring it back to the out of fuel monster? Oh well, I'm glad that you haven't lost your sense of humour even if you legs and back are sore.

Take care!!!