Monday, January 30, 2006

My Sunny Disposition

So I'm tired, I'm cranky and to be honest... Very annoyed. Thank you so much to those of you out there that sent me messages and comments yesterday they mean more to me than I can express. And to those of you who didn't well pfffbbbbt on you then... grin... Ahhh the subtle maturity of the raspberry spittle. And to think a couple of days ago I was bragging about my maturity.... grin. So after I got off work this morning at 7 something I was reminded that I had to attend a mandatory Bar-B-Que . I don't know where they got the meat (which now that I think about it, bothers me more than I thought it did.) Back in the states we call it "mandatory Fun" Over here it is mainly just an intrusion. It wasn't really that bad, my only complaint was that it severely hampered my sleeping... So I am currently running on a little more than three and a half hours of sleep. Which explains my sunny disposition... Or the lack there of anyway. During the party we played a game of spades which much to my dismay turned into three games of Spades. At least we won two out of three which isn't all that bad considering my track record. We play a lot of Spades out here. So another factor in my less then pleasant mood is the fact that the people that are in charge of dispensing our mail decided that they didn't feel the need to pass it out today. Which in translation means we get our mail when they are damn good and ready. Stupid people that abuse positions of power. Grrr Arrrgh!

Random Fact of the day:

Every single one of you started out as a girl... (Yes even you "Barbie") Which is the reason men have nipples... well that and think how odd we would look with out them...


Anonymous said...

dude, i dont know where u got the "started out as a girl" thing from....but congrats in advance for being successful to get butt strocked by the barbie HARD!!!

Mr. Brooks said...

That is also my game of choice. Do you play on the zone?