Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Happy V-Day or Good Afternoon Cedar II

So let me tell you about today... First of all as I am sure you have noticed today is not a normal post day. But it is a holiday so I am making an exception ( I will rant on how hallmark created this holiday later) First and foremost Happy V-day! This is by far one of my least favorite holidays. Although I am sure that there are very few single people in their mid-twenties that enjoy it. It really is a crock... But that is neither here nor there... As I stated last night, I was scheduled (pronounced shedueled because I like the way the silly Brits yammer on) to leave Scania sometime today. After staying up far later than I should have I woke up at a quarter past seven and RFG, Barbie and I went to breakfast. After we finished breakfast we gathered up my one duffel (grrrr) and my backpack.. And started trudging towards the office, after we got there My favorite Samoan (former platoon sgt) told us he had no Idea when we were leaving it could be as late as midnight... (grrrrr) RFG did a little recon and managed to get us on a convoy that was scheduled (like the Brits darn it) to leave at around 0945 so we met up with them and found our hummv, after spending 5 minutes with these people I began to get a little nervous, they were a rambunctious group (at one point one of the females was on top of a Hummv dancing and stuffing dollar bills into interesting parts of her uniform) before we were set to leave we found out that this trip would be our drivers first ever experience driving a military vehicle (oh joy) This made Brownie (the only other guy from my unit with me on this misbegotten adventure) very, very nervous... I tried to behave as though it was no big deal. But I was none to thrilled myself. Five minutes later the TC (truck commander) turned around and looked at me and said "I'm exhausted I need to sleep can you TC for me?" being the oh so nice guy I am (read spineless ninny) I said I would. And then we were off... I counted something close to 12 dead doggies on the road, and while listening to the radio decided that only I in my sort of luck could hitch a 3 hour ride with the mobile Goof Troop... They were out of control, never before have I seen such a lack of military discipline. (That is a lot funnier if you have spent more than 5 minutes with anyone from my unit) So 3 hours later (and after one potty break lacking any degree of modesty) We arrived safe and sound in Cedar II. After we arrived, it was brought to Brownies and my attention that we had no idea where we were supposed to go... So we wandered around a very muddy area and finally lucked into someone from our unit. Supposedly we are only supposed to be here for a couple of days, (and by the looks of the place where we are supposed to sleep tonight I can only hope it wont be any longer than that) But a few people are under the impression that we are to become permanent party... All I can say to that is hellllllll NO!!!!! With all do respect of course... So my way of coping with being far away from all my friends is to spend money, As of right now I have been here two hours and I have already spent one hundred and seventy six dollars on movies... 8 movies to be exact, 5 of which can only be described as teenybopper-chick flicks, and two of which are classics (The Fly & The Fly II) and the last an action flick... Eh I was slim on choices. Thank goodness for the local PX and a debit card. grin...

Random question of the Blog:

Why do people ask How are you? I mean how many of them ask that and then start talking about them selves???


Gram & Gramps said...

The right person is out there somewhere, and, you will find her someday. I promise. Until then, you are so right. V day sucks.

Sunday morning at 0900 Gramps and his quartet delivered a singing Valentine to the wife (Bernadette Traylor) of a soldier somewhere in Iraq. This morning I dropped him off at Ala Moana at 0815 to meet the rest of his quartet and they will spend the day delivering singing Valentines all over the island. I will pick him up somewhere (I have no idea where yet) at 1700 and bring him home for dinner and then he teaches his class at UH tonight. Last night he stood in line for 30 minutes at Sees Candies so that he could give me chocolate covered cherries this morning. V day doesn't suck for us even though we aren't able to spend much romantic time together, because, he is doing the things that he loves and that makes me happy. It makes me feel good to think about his quartet making people feel good and, I certainly feel good when he comes home full of excitement after teaching his class. That's what "real" love is all about -- and you will have it someday.

3 hours south? How far is that? How much farther are you supposed to go? It would be better if you could avoid "goofy" groups and new drivers. Much safer too, I would think.

Take care and keep safe.

Much love

Gram & Gramps

dr. fish said...

yeah i agree, you will find that girl that will make vday awesome for you. you are a sweetie. i have personal, 1st hand experience in this area. hope your moving goes good again. yay for a final move!!!