Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Welcome To The Mud

I honestly can not figure out why Cedar II is so full of mud... I mean sure we had mud in Scania, but it was nothing like it is here... In the immortal word of RFG it is ridonkulous... LOL He was just telling me the other day that I am always stealing the words he says... Yeah he's right... Eh sue me... So I had to move from my tent today, it actually turned out to be a good thing because originally they had us like as far away from everything as possible. Now I am at least much closer... And the tent I am in is a little bigger than the one I slept in last night so that makes me oh so happy... I almost forgot, Barbie is here now too... I was so happy he showed up last night right before dinner... So atleast I am not here by myself... He and I have been fighting the boredom as much as possible... Mainly we watch movies... I really need to invest in some kind of life... Can you buy a life??? I mean I know you can't buy happiness.. (Although I hear in Vegas you can rent it for a small sum) I have the oddest problem with words I am constantly using the wrong words in sentences, for example as I was writing the last sentence I wrote "some" instead of "sum" How lame is that??? I do that so often it amazes me I speak write in English at all... hmmm maybe I'll start writing in Deutsche (That is German for all you American folk) Hab diech Lieb hmmm maybe not....
Random Fact of the Blog:
The word "Taser" is actually an acronym for Thomas A. Swifts Electric Rifle I actually learned that watching the Bewitched movie... How random is that???

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