Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Disappearing Act

So I must apologize for my impromptu disappearance I worked the past three days straight. I had a choice not to work on my day off. But as it was Super Bowl and one of my fellow soldiers wanted to watch it, and I had no vested interest in either team. (Although I have to admit I am happy the Stealers won, I mean if you’re going to lose in the play offs you might as well lose to the team that will win the Super Bowl) So Go Pittsburgh or whatever. It is a little odd to me that the first sport I've actually shown any interest in happens to be the one with the fewest amounts of games. And to make matters worse the team I like the best is historically one of the worst teams in the entire league. Am I just the most screwed up guy on the planet or what? So other than work I really haven't done anything other than sleep the past three days. I have managed to answer a few emails in the twenty minutes before I go to work. And of course I have managed to purchase three movies; one has to have his priorities. I wonder if I tell people a little too much about myself, I mean we are all supposed to have secrets right? So what if you don't want to have secrets or if you have so many secrets and you want just one less. It has come to my attention that it doesn't matter how large one person is he can very easily disappear. People say things in front of me all the time as though I am not in the same room let alone the same building. Which can be good and bad, I learn the most interesting things. And I learn bad things. All in all I think it is rather funny. Now if only I could learn to disappear when I go flying through those silly speed traps. Tickets are expensive.

Random Quote Of the Blog:
"You know what they say about youth today they are all self obsessed lazy numb nuts who have lost the capacity to think for themselves"- Rube Dead Like Me


Anonymous said...

I am sorry I missed the phone call from Chris, But I did love the message that both of you left. It made my day.
Thank you.

Gram & Gramps said...

We didn't have a team in the Super Bowl either. The game really isn't exciting for us unless it's the Bears or the 49'ers. We did watch the game on Sunday just so we would have a half-way excuse to eat chips and dip & pizza and beer. (Gramps had beer, not me, I hate beer. No, you're not screwed up. Our favorite teams aren't always very good either. We're just loyal to our home town teams because we happen to like them better than the other teams, win or lose. (Chicago for Gramps & San Francisco for me).

Gramps was asked to do security at the Pro-Bowl this coming Sunday but he won't be able to do it. He'll be doing a Singing Valentine at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel on Sunday morning and he has to give a lecture/demonstration on Self-Hypnosis at a meeting on Sunday afternoon. He'll be singing from 0900 to 1700 on Valentine's Day and then teaching his class at UH from 1900 to 2100 that night. He'd better not forget to get me a card (and some chocolate covered cherries) or he'll really be in trouble since I'll be all alone on Valentine's Day (as usual - that's just part of being the wife of a Barbershopper and I don't really mind but people would think I was crazy or something if I didn't gripe--gee, I almost used the"B----" word there-- a little and I certainly wouldn't want people to think I was nuts or anything, would I?)

Lot's of love,

Gram & Gramps