Sunday, January 22, 2006

The Stupid Things I Say...

Surprise! Surprise! I said something stupid today. And get this I was naked when I said it.... Yep you read that correctly... I was all naked. And get this... I wasn't the only naked male in the room when I said the stupid thing. So let me paint the picture for you I had just stepped out of a very long shower... (See when I go at odd hours I get to take long hot showers that feel soooo very good,) and as I was starting to get dressed I sort of stumbled and almost fell. The guy next to me laughed and I said "Sometimes I am klutzier than a virgin on prom night." Remember a while back when I talked about the things that guys are not supposed to do in the bathroom... Things like talking making jokes or looking at each other. Well this goes double for shower rooms. I don't even really know why I said it. I heard it in my head before I said it. And I said it anyway. Very very stupid. Everyone in the shower room kind of gave a nervous laugh and then left as quickly as they possibly could have. Except for me. I continued to get dressed and then did all my girly man personal hygiene stuff... It is quite possible that I could be the largest freak on the planet.

On a completely different subject of conversation every night at work we sit around and try to come up with topics to discuss in detail. Last night’s topic? What would you do if four of your closest friends were involved in some terrible tragedy and you were only given the opportunity to save one? Now here is my problem. I had to choose between six of my closest friends I honestly don't think I could do it with out a completely random pull a name out of a hat sort of thing. I know that no matter who I chose I would constantly wonder if I had made the wrong decision. How do you decide who lives and who dies. In my situation of the six of my friends two have a child and a spouse. Does that make them more important than the other four? And then I started wondering if because I have a slight crush on one of them would I for the rest of my life wonder if my bias hurt someone else. Do you see why I am single? Do you have any idea how difficult it is to hide the crazy that is my inner thoughts??? One can hardly imagine a young woman falling for a man that is so very crazy... (He he he ha ha ha I actually referred to myself as a man... now we know I am crazy.)

Random Retarded Scientist of the Blog:
A scientist who weighed people immediately before and after death concluded that the human soul weighs 21 grams. So my question is did he kill the subject? I mean how did he weigh him Directly before and after??? Any Ideas????

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